Far Cry 3 Make a Break For It

Introduction to Make a break for it quest

Make a break for it is the starting main story quest in Far Cry 3. It all starts with having fun at the beach, riding a scooter, parachuting out of a plane, when suddenly it all gets serious.
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You and your brother are captured and held hostage. This is where you get introduced to one of the main enemies, a guy called Vaas. Luckily, your brother is a (ex)marine, and with your help at the right time, when there are only few guards around, he successfully disables one of the near guards and you start your journey for salvation by sneaking and trying to stay invisible.

Make a brake for it

Just when you think you made it out of the camp things get very ugly and you become the prey in a game of man hunting. You will be running through a forest full of traps (careful here), while pirates are shooting at you. You will have to dodge bullets, local wild life, crouch through small passages, all the while wondering where the rest of your friends are. There is a dramatic ending to your escape and this marks the beginning of your adventure in Far Cry 3.

Introduction with Vaas

Make a Break for it

Grab the map on the table

During this part of the quest you will find Objects that are going to make your life a lot easier.

Throw a rock to lure the guard away from the window

Follow Grant

Lure the guards away from the exit

Follow Grant

Run into the Jungle

Climb up the vines

Go through the jungle

Cross the river