Far Cry 3 Harvest the Jungle

Harvest the Jungle Introduction

Harvest the Jungle follows the Down in Amanaki town main story quest. After getting to know the basics, you are ready for your first mission outside in the wild.
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Here you are going to be edified on how to use wilderness in your favor. Cutting leaves out of the plants, skinning killed animals and similar is something that is needed for successful crafting. Crafting is a part of the game, that allows you to create powerful medicine, combat boosters, increase your bag space ( amount of money you can carry, ammo, animal skins, leaves etc ). While you affect the world around you, you will be awarded with experience points. Experience points make you gain Combo points that you can use for improving/gaining old/new abilities. Far Cry 3 Harvest the Jungle

Reach the Hunting ground

Enter the car and you will be introduced to the vehicle driving mechanics (you can accelerate, brake, steer, use a handbrake, switch seats, etc.). Follow a road that leads you to the next story checkpoint that that is shown on the map. If you drove the car too far away from the checkpoint route, you can return to the starting point by restarting the quest.

Kill and skin 2 boars, then collect the 3 types of plants in the hunting ground.

Red, blue, green leaf plants are easily noticeable on the mini map. While the red and green leaf plants are around the farm, blue leaf plant is in the river nearby. Boars you need to kill and skin are scattered around the farm as well.

Fast travel to Amanaki and meet with Dennis.

Opening the global map and selecting a fast travel icon is going to teleport you to your desired location.

Use the menu to craft some syringes

With appropriate leaves you can craft appropriate recipes. Progressing through story is going to unlock new recipes.

Craft a Simple Loot Rucksack

Crafting stuff like Rucksack can helo you carry more items.

Learn Takedown skill

There are three different skill point tabs you can spend your skill points in. The Heron (Long range takedowns & mobility), The Shark (Assault takedowns & healing) and The Spider (Stealth takedowns & survival). Takedown skill from The Shark skill bar, is mandatory at start, while others are optional and should reflect your game style. You will have to learn the Takedown skill because it is crucial in stealth kills (when you need to remain undetected).

Get in Truck

After you are introduced with all the basics, you receive an accidental phone call from pirates that hold one of your friends nearby. Let’s get serious, shall we ?!