Far Cry 3 Island Port Hotel

Island Port Hotel quest introduction

Far Cry 3 Island Port Hotel quest is a followup to Prison Break-In main story quest. Island Port Hotel story is happening right after Prison Break In.
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After the room you and Liza were is set on fire by mad Vaas ( Oliver was taken away ), you try to free yourself and you manage to fall down with the chair, breaking through the floor in the process and ending up on the lower level of building, free of ropes. Far_Cry_3_Island_Port_Hotel_(28)

Rescue Liza.

Good news is that you are free of ropes and there are no pirates. Bad news is that Liza is still on the upper level and that the building is going to blow up soon. There is a limited time of only three minutes to save Liza and run away from the building on fire. While running fast to get to Liza your skills will be tested. In order to break through hallways on fire shoot at the valves on nearby water pipes. You will have to walk on building edges, ropes and narrow building parts in order to get to Liza, so just be careful and as precise as possible.

Protect the truck.

Trouble never comes alone though. In front of the building on fire, you find an old jeep and order Liza to get behind the wheel while you push in order to get the jeep started. While driving away from the building, you see what you missed and the building finally explodes. Since this is hostile territory pirates are coming after you with their own cars. Lady Luck finally smiles upon you. There is a grenade launcher in the back of the jeep. Use it on the pirates chasing you. At some point the jeep will stop again, and you will have to jump on the front seat and defend while Liza is trying to start it back up. Finally the jeep starts working again, and soon enough, you are out of danger … for now. After having a small chat with Liza you take her to Dr. Earnhardt’s house.
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