Far Cry 3 Prison Break-In

Prison Break-In Introduction

Far Cry 3 Prison Break-In is the next quest in line after Playing the Spoiler main story quest. You have discovered that Vaas is sending out the ransom movies from a hidden cave (Sunset Cove).
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You are heading there to look for your friends. Far Cry 3 Prison Break In

Approach the camp.

You can find the camp southwest of Amanaki town.

Kill the camp operator and get the prison key.

Since there are many pirates in this camp, disabling the alarm and tagging pirates can save you a lot of time. In order to do that efficiently, you can take down silently one of the pirates at the look out tower, near the jungle, and than disable the nearby alarm (the alarm box is located at the same tower). You need to kill the operator in order to acquire the prison key and he can be found near the cave entrance at the end of the bay, where the prison camp is placed.

Use the key to explore the prison.

Upon entering the cave, you will go through the prison doors. There you will hear a familiar voice, it’s your girlfriend Liza. Going deeper into the cave you will realize it was a sound from recorded video. Nevertheless, you decide to go even deeper into the cave, when suddenly u get knocked out by one of the pirates.Next scene takes you to a room, where Vaas has brought two of your friends – Liza and Oliver. What comes next shows us just how deeply disturbed Vaas is and how effective at storytelling this game can sometimes be.  
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