Far Cry 3 Meet Citra

Introduction to Far Cry 3 Meet Citra quest

Meet Citra follows Keeping Busy main story quest. During this quest Dennis will introduce you to the leader of Rakyat.
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If you want her help you need to prove yourself. Far Cry 3 Meet Citra

Exit the cave.

After your chat with Liza, you are more than ever determined to find the rest of your friends, but you’re not so sure you have enough strength left. Upon leaving the cave your cell phone rings and Dennis asks you to meet him at a hidden temple. There you will talk with Citra, leader of Rakyat, the only person that can help you with improving your strength.

Meet Dennis.

Dennis can be found at Temple Gateway. When you reach him, he will ask you to behave yourself when you enter the hidden temple, no sudden moves or anything.

Follow Dennis.

After the door opens, follow Dennis up to a big tree where you will meet the beautiful and dangerous Citra. She is not convinced in your strength to do anything, but your strong desire to help your friends, make her change her mind. She will give you a task to bring her what she want, but in order to figure out what you need to get you need to drink a potion she gives you. May hallucinations commence.

Search for the object Citra desires.

At the start of hallucinations you will be falling down onto the island from a great distance. After a rough landing, you will see yourself at the card table with your missing friends. They will turn their looks at the man in a white suit at the beach. Soon enough, they will disappear, and you will start following that man in a white suit towards a house. Upon entering the house you will find yourself in new surroundings, underwater surroundings. In there, the path leads you across a wooden bridge. While walking across the bridge you will see three visions of you and your friends and their possible, sad, present. At the end of the path, you will find what appears as ancient knife. This is the item Citra is looking for.

Leave Citra’s temple.

After the hallucinating session you will wake up and realize that Dennis is making you a new tattoo, for the recognition of what you have survived. After you have told Dennis about your dream you are sent to find that ancient knife.
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