Far Cry 3 Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy Far Cry quest introduction

Keeping Busy is a followup quest to Island Port Hotel main story quest. This is one of the shortest and easiest main story quests.
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After bringing Liza to Dr. Earnhradt’s house, you want to make sure that she will stay safe. In order to do that, you need to find Daisy that is hiding in the cave, and bring Liza to her. Far Cry 3 Keeping Busy

Find a way to the cave.

Cave you are looking for is bellow the gazebo near the house.

Find the power head inside the cave.

After Liza and Daisy had a small chat, Daisy informs you that the boat she found at the cave can be fixed, but she needs the power head part.

Bring the power head to Daisy.

The power head part can be found deeper in the cave, underwater.

Speak to Liza.

After hooking up the power head, you go to Liza who can be found near the fire place. You agree that it is in your best interest that she stays with Daizy and helps her with the boat, while you search for other two of your friends.
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