Far Cry 3 Mushrooms In The Deep

Mushrooms In The Deep walkthrough

Mushrooms In The Deep follows Secure the Outpost main story quest. This is the fifth story quest.
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At the end of the previous story quest, you have been instructed to go and talk with Dr. Earnhardt who is keeping your girlfriend Liza safe. Dr. Earnhardt can be found at his greenhouse doing what he likes best, making “medicine”.Far Cry 3 Mushrooms in the Deep

Talk with Dr. Earnhardt.

Dr. Earnhardt’s house is on the far west side of the island. We suggest you use fast travel in Amanaki town, from where you can drive a car to Dr.Earnhardt’s house. Be sure to activate the Radio tower, that is on your way to his house, since it will discover a big part of the map. This will surely help you a lot later on. When you reach his greenhouse you will notice that Dr. Earnhardt spends his free time crafting a special type of medicine, which is why the pirates leave him alone. Instead of your girlfriend Liza you find another one of your friends – Daisy. D

Go see Daisy.

After you climb to the first floor upon entering house, you will notice that Daisy is not feeling well. Dr. Earnhardt informs you that she has been sick because the plant she cut her arm on, was poisonous. The antidote can be made from mushrooms found in a nearby cave.

Find an entrance to the cave.

Cave is just north from Dr. Earnhardt’s house (north side of the island). It has an underwater entrance you need to swim through in order to get to its surface part.

Explore the cave to find the mushrooms.

Exploring the cave demands climbing up the vines, jumping in the water, breathing the hallucinogenic mushroom clouds, etc. Breathing the hallucinogenic mushroom clouds will make your vision blur. You will start remembering some things you have heard before, you will notice how plants grow very fast, the greenhouse door you will run into will start moving deeper into the cave. Upon leaving the same greenhouse, you will notice the mushroom you were looking for, but the rock you are standing on will collapse. This will shake you up and the hallucinogenic feeling will wear off.

Find the mushrooms.

Following the cave road, you will stump upon the mushroom you were looking for.

Return to Dr. Earnhardt at the Greenhouse.

Returning to the Dr. Earnhardt’s greenhouse from its east side is followed by giving him the cave mushrooms you just picked up so he can make the antidote and save Daisy.

Meet with Daisy.

Upon entering the room you will notice that Daisy is feeling a little better. Both of you agree that it is in your best interest that Daisy stays with Dr. Earnhardt. After initial disapproval of Dr. Earnhardt, you convince him to keep Daisy safe.
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