Far Cry 3 Warrior Rescue Service

Introduction to Far Cry 3 Warrior Rescue Service.

Far Cry 3 Warrior Rescue Service takes place immediately after Ambush in the main story quest. You will have no weapons at the beginning of this quest as they were all taken from you at the conclusion of the last quest.
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Far Cry 3 Warrior Rescue Service

Get out of the cenote.

After Vaas’s lesson about definition of insanity he throws you down the deep hole beside him. After you hit the water you will continue to sink unless you use appropriate given button in order to free yourself. Head to the surface as soon as you are free to keep yourself from running out of air. Once you reach the surface find the cave exit and head through it to begin your escape.

Follow the truck.

Right after passing the waterfall you will find a pirate, kill him and take his shotgun. Further down the road you will find two more pirates. You want to take these two out as quickly as possible. If you let them they will alert other enemies nearby and you will get a 5 minute timer on your next objective.

Reach the chopper.

Upon entering the pirate settlement you will need to reach the chopper you saw landing nearby. There are a couple ways of doing this. One involves sprinting and keeping on the left side, defeating the pirate on the river while passing by him. Then make a break for the chopper as fast as you can while enemies fire on you. The other involves just killing the all pirates you can find at their settlement for the experience and thrill. You will be “safe” as soon as you get in the chopper and the next quest objective will start so don’t worry if you decide to avoid combat and just head for the chopper.

It is fairly easy to avoid the pirates is you don’t want to bother killing them all, though you do need to be careful of the snipers in the area. If you decide to avoid combat be sure to take some medicine to heal yourself up and make sure to hide yourself within nearby buildings when you cross the river. There is a heavy gunner near the chopper’s entrance to make sure you have a decent amount of health when you make your final dash.

If you decide to kill all the pirates make sure to shut down the alarm first so they cannot call for reinforcements. The pirates at first settlement are scattered around and are easy to sneak up on for a silent knife kill. When you approach the small bridge the pirates will notice that something is wrong and will start looking for you. This area is covered by two snipers on two separate buildings near the chopper so you will need to stay hidden as you defeat all the pirates, and the quicker you can take out the snipers the better. Then just take out the heavy gunner by the chopper and you are free to hop in.

When you get in the chopper you will force the pilot to take you airborne. The flight is short however, as a rocket fired by the pirates quickly brings you down. As you try to make out of the destroyed chopper Vaas approaches you and shoots you in the chest.

Get out of the mass grave.

You wake up to find yourself under a pile of bodies. You need to make your way to the top, pressingthe appropriate buttons as the prompts appear on screen. At the top Dennis will lend you hand and you will find out how you survived Vaas’ shot. Dennis will leave to inform Citra about your survival while you npick up the equipment from nearby camp.

Retrieve equipment.

The equipment you are looking for can be found at the pirate’s camp north from your position. Going toward it you will notice a Radio tower, but heading towards it now will make you receive the “You are leaving your mission zone.” message so you will need to wait to check it out.

Search camp for the equipment.

You will notice three buildings as you approach the camp. In the first you can find c4 remote explosive, landmines and a flare gun in the second, and you can find rest of your gear in the third building. There are pirates patrolling in pairs that only have knifes,and pirate dogs as well. One heavy gunner will be protecting the last house but he can be defeated by one well aimed flare gun shot.