Far Cry 5 Capture Parties & How to Avoid Them

Capture parties are groups of cultists trying to detain you in Far Cry 5. They’ll start chasing you all of a sudden at some point, and you’ll have to either fight or try to avoid them. A lot of players are finding them tedious, and would like to know if it’s possible to avoid Far Cry 5 capture parties.

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far cry 5 capture parties how to avoid
Far Cry 5 Capture Parties & How to Avoid Them

Can you escape capture parties in Far Cry 5?

The short answer is “No“. You will eventually get caught. However, you can delay capture. You can outrun them, but they’ll appear again. You can massacre them, but another group will replace them soon enough. You can start a side quest during the chase, and they’ll back off for a while. Still, no matter what you do, you’ll have to let them capture you at some point – might as well get it over with as soon as it becomes an option.

The capture parties start appearing as you complete the first stage of your reputation race. You’ll notice the resistance point meter has reached the first notch, filling about a third of the bar. That’s about 3300 resistance points in Jacob’s region, or 4300 in Faith’s and John’s areas. This means you can plan ahead and jump to another area when you’re near that point, if you want to avoid them even longer. However, it really is best to let them catch you and be done with it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can continue slaughtering them, burning their shrines and liberating outposts.

Afterwards, you’ll also have air raids when you reach the second notch in an area’s resistance-o-meter. The third and final step is all about the drugs, because what’s a Far Cry game without copious usage of several kinds of narcotics. They are also mandatory, so don’t try to escape or skip them.

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  1. M

    I was actually really hyped for FC5, but disappointed in the capture party crap. You literally get captured 4 times in one region, it is extremely annoying.

    1. A

      IDK why but i disagree, that is okay to be captured for sometimes, it made it realistic and it doesnt interrupt anything

      1. N

        It’s not at all realistic to be captured like 9 times and never killed. You’re dismantling their entire operation and you never get killed. Always captured. Stupid and absurd.

        1. S

          They kind of explain why. The Father for some reason is obsessed with “saving” you. So he doesn’t allow his siblings to directly kill you.

          1. S
            Sai Krishna Vajjala

            Sounds like cop-out to justify it. With any Psycho killer or God, you can justify that Psycho or God works in mysterious ways or his/her reasons for not killing. But Both John, Jacob and Joseph do try to kill you at some point though and fail – which means that Joseph at some point “allowed” it – that when you infuriated 4 times one of those guys. It makes sense once for one boss, but it doesn’t make sense for rest – even after I killed 2 of them. They already tried to kill me twice right? – but why is it OK give me a chance again. It only made sense with “Faith” because she wants to drown you in Bliss and fuck your mind. It doesn’t work second time with either John or Jacob. Capture logic is weird. They should have at least turned that into “Defend the fort” kind of thing.

      2. N

        How can you say it doesn’t interrupt the game???? It literally takes you away completely from what you were just doing? mid adventure, mid fight. ridiculous.

        1. E
          Edward Thornback

          Yup completely ruins the game

      3. A

        Why are you so far from wrong it’s not even funny the capture parties are a complete and utter joke and the main fail of Far Cry 5! I’ll be flying in the middle of the sky and a capture party will be able to pick me off mid-flight while I’m wingsuiting. That’s realistic!? I’m so sure it isn’t!

    2. E

      Fc5 sucks and the capturing parties were enough for me to sell game… Ubisoft have no idea what entertainment means… They only know frustration

      1. T

        one little part of the game that doesn’t take much time was enough to make you sell the game? you must be alot of fun at parties.

        1. S

          This does take a lot of time. I spent 4 hours trying to make it through one of these captures. I like having time to do things. I don’t like being timed. This is so frustrating. I’ve almost stopped playing because of this. It SUCKS.

    3. R

      Has anyone tried fast traveling? worked twice for me now

      1. H
        Hayden Thomas


      2. Y

        You can but if you got hit with drug laced bullet or arrow you cant. Also in Jacob region if you kill enough hunters or avoid them for to long you will get hit out of nowere and it’s dumb.

    4. N

      Agreed the capture escape parts are some of the worst experiences ive had in any game. terrible idea

    5. J

      I hear you. I quit playing the game after the fourth time getting “captured.” It just ruined the entire game for me. How come the game developers don’t give the player the option to skip this crap?

    6. L

      I literally went up a signal pole and they was on the floor how in the hell can they catch me without coming up the pole? it was one of the ones that you have to grapple up also so there’s literally no way for them to get me but they did ?

  2. C

    How do you get your weapons back after you finish the capture party mission?

    1. J

      You have to find a gun shop and go in and get one. You already own it so it shouldn’t cost anything. You just have to equip it I believe.

    2. F
      Frankie J Schifano

      You own your weapons. So just go back to a weapon vendor and take them back.

    3. P

      Simply go back to arms dealer and select your weapons again 🙂

  3. B

    Really disappointed with a number of Far cry 5 “features”, including these capture parties. They are not only annoying & untimely (I was literally snatched out of mid-air when I was flying a plane!), but they are also extremely boring & repetitive. Nothing scary or sinister, just long monologging followed by boring repetitive actions. Let me get back to playing the game & stop with all the stupid/boring vignettes. If the characters were at all interesting, maybe I would feel different, but this is by far the most boring game in the Far Cry series.

    1. A

      AMEN to that, Redneck Far Cry. With fishing?!!? LOL. Been excited for years about FC5. So sad man!

      1. R

        Did someone say rednecks and fishing?

  4. A

    The capture parties are the most annoying part of this game. Just let me play!

  5. A

    I was soo hyped for FC5, FC3 and 4 were amazing with their compelling characters and beautiful scenery, picking up random items to sell instead of just fish, skins and nothing else of much interest.. The Perks are nothing special, we used to be able to CRAFT bags to carry more ammo, bait, skins etc so it pissed me off when they become perks. It is a cool game, I’ll give it that, but what on earth compelled them to make a redneck version of the game with so many different people around and bland ones at that. No watchtowers to open the map up more… Stupid timed capture parties are just a thorn in my side in this game… After FC4 which had true soul and twists n turns, culture PLUS a MC who had a backstory and who we could care about. I just hope the next Far Cry will go back to being the unique game it was.. I got more enjoyment out of Uncharted 4 and 5 and that’s saying something… Add me on the PSN AnabellsMalice13. Peace out


  6. S
    Say YES

    I have no idea how I did it but I just got another tier and it gave me the air one and u was trying to do the Rye missions and I just unlocked him as a partner and I started the second mission for him and I haven’t seen the planes yet

  7. L
    Lucie Lou

    The timed capture missions in Jacob’s region are the worst! I am unable to complete those, so therefore cannot finish the game. Ubisoft don’t care, they just want our money. I won’t be buying any more Far Cry games if they continue to include these stupid missions.

  8. D

    Capture parties are the worst in Farcry5. I sold the game and I promise never buy Farcry story.

  9. N

    Glad I’m not alone in thinking that the capture parties ruin the game. I love the story line, the scenery, the characters, but will probably not finish this game because of the capture parties. I’m not great at first person shooters but when I started this game I was like, okay I can do this no problem right? Wrong. I can get through the capture party things but it takes me quite a few tries and is not fun whatsoever. In my opinion they are on a higher skill level than the rest of the game and have zero bearing on the game as a whole. The capture parties should be killable, escapable, avoidable.

    1. R

      I just got captured again, 4th time in three days. I agree, these capture parties ruin the game. I am going to look for another game to play. I am fairly new to gaming and at first was happy to play FC5, but not any longer.

  10. C
    Chris Da Hammer

    Those capture sequences are frustrating and annoying. Why have them, they spoil the game and whoever came up with the idea has no idea! Is it really necessary to run through a maze shooting cultists only to run out of time again and again. I had to take numerous attempts to complete it and for what? It`s not fun or enjoyable and should never have been included.

  11. M
    Martin Beard

    Lets be honest the capture party crap is just that Utter Crap, Its Laziness on the part of the witers who cannot think of anything else to put in the game, so they come up with this tedious nonesense which is just there to keep you playing.
    Unless they come up with a new angle for future FC’s they are going to lose a big audience.

  12. M
    mike desrosiers

    great game but the captures ruin it….cant get through jacobs capture so i wont be playing the game anymore …sucks because i bought the season pass too….boy did i get screwed on this one..guess its back to fallout 4 for me….good thing bethesda knows how to make a game fun!…gonna stay away from any ubisoft game from now on…they lost me as a customer…very frustrating!

    1. J

      It’s very easy just run quick and pick up a new gun to keep ur arms up

    2. G
      George HH

      Man yeah the kill run is tough, only done the first one so far. Managed to get through it on the fourth try, but could feel my energy draining.
      I’m on Xbox but have aim assist turned off for extra frustration XD

      Fallout 4 is actually my favourite game, I always return to it time and time again 😀

  13. D
    Dan English

    Have to completely agree with all the comments on the capture parties. I put down the game because of them and I’m not sure I’ll even continue. They really ruined the game for me personally. Not that they are that difficult, they are just tedious/boring and interrupt the flow of the game for me.

  14. B
    Brooke Martin

    I’m enjoying Far Cry 5 because of the visuals and since I completed Far Cry 4. It’s a beautiful game and really slick controls also I enjoy the characters but the whole capture party thing is so annoying expecially the sequence after the monologue, I’ll continue to play since I just got this game and I am enjoying but I won’t let the capture party ruin my experience.

    1. T

      Yeah, the only thing that has kept me going in this game is the visuals (HDR scRGB looks great on my TV). I was already on the fence about this game, but the capture party thing is super ridiculous and might have me putting it down. Funny how Ubisoft always manages to ruin their own game in stupid ways like this… i hadn’t given them a dime for quite a while, and figured I’d give them a chance on this one… also, the endless nickel-and-diming (EA also guilty of this, see: Battlefront II) is sickening. They want $60 for a base game, more for “Deluxe” editions which don’t offer much of value, and then in-game microtransactions, etc… why would I do this when other publishers don’t pull this nonsense? *sigh*

  15. M

    Never seen so many people get so upset over such a little thing lol fast travel away or kill them or just do the mission, its not hard… They did get a bit lazy on the characters back story though fc3 definately had the best story, hard to top

    1. G
      George HH

      IMO it’s a bit extreme to put down the game entirely or never play a Ubisoft game again, but I totally understand the frustration.

      I was in a helicopter 300m off the ground with all nearby enemies eliminated and I got hit by a bliss bullet. It’s literally forced upon you, that’s the worst part. I’d prefer if it was incorporated into a main mission as part of a trap or surprise twist, or only occurs in one region.

      If you fast travel or defeat them, they still get you, it’s forced by a magic bullet.

      1. G
        George HH

        *or the use of bliss bullets only occurs in one region.

  16. L

    The best way to avoid captures is via Fast Travel, preferably to a big base like Fall’s End otherwise they’ll come get you again. You can’t be disturbed in Fall’s End. Or go to Dutch’s Island and blast them across the water lol. As soon as things get woozy, immediately bring up the map.

    Some of the captures aren’t hard at all eg Faith’s first three. Jacob’s are a pain but there’s no need at all to kill everyone, just run like mad and drop down the hole; same with John’s first few. Most annoying though is Faith following you around yacking away and later on in the game changing to enemies and animals. Sure breaks the immersion.

  17. D

    The capture party is annoying but the best way to deal with it is to change the hardness setting to easy before you get captured. It makes the sequence very easy to finish and get out of

  18. R

    I got sick of the Faith hallucinations so I went to Jacobs region. Ran into these capture parties. At first I thought maybe they send one party after you and if you wipe them out you might avoid it. Not so.
    After like the 3rd time I said screw it I’m not getting going. I loaded up heavy and drove fast. The first group I ran over and gunned down. The second group drove up to me on atvs. I got out and pulled out the m60, dodged an arrow and emptied half a belt of ammo into the 2 archers about 20ft in front of me.

    All the bullets went through them like ghosts.

    While shooting them and wondering why it was glitching I got taken. Obviously at some point the game will go as far as to make them invincible to get you. Getting captured is already part of the story and these are extra. I wouldn’t mind once or twice but it’s absurd how many times they do it. I don’t know who thought that made for an interesting story.

  19. S
    Saiyan King

    Actually, I’m halfway past the 3rd mark for Johns resistance points and I’ve not been captured. I kept fast traveling to places with a lot of people and a mounted machine gun. Also having a helicopter with machine guns & bombs helps too. But I’ve yet to even see a group come after me, I’ve even waited around for them to come after I’ve been “marked”. The first time around was damn near inevitable but after the second play through, the only person I can’t avoid would be faith since she’s an hallucination.

  20. W

    I agree this is a stupid addition to the game. The same capture over and over again. Its timed and so frustrating to go through it so many times. It is not easy and should have been made with double the time to do it in.You really have to be a good shooter and experienced at the game to do it within a few attempts. This spoils the game completely.

  21. D

    I have beat FC5 once and am running through new game+ on infamous(I think, whatever the hardest is) and these capture missions in Jacob’s territory are the worst. I’ve not been stuck a single time in this game up to the second capture mission and I’ve been stuck there for days. Now, given that it’s a specific set of basic weapons in a confined maze, it’s meant to be a challenge. This however is kind of ridiculous.

  22. A

    can someone do a cheat or hack for the capture scenes took me days to get through the one before you have to do that same thing and its added another room i give up

  23. S

    FC5 is my 1st. FC game and I’ve been loving it until the capture parties. I just cannot pass Jacob’s timed sequence again and I already beat it once. Why did they add this to the game just to push the narrative. I’m a newish gamer and the times sequence is too hard to pass the 2nd time as your timing is cut. Why did the idiot developers add this so many times. Jacob’s capture is on too high a skill level than the rest of the game.

  24. D
    Derek cranmer

    I dont see why you guys xont like capture partys like I loved them especially jacobs I dont see how you guys didnt get passed them

  25. B
    Brian Boru

    Eliminate Capture Parties!

    Get the Resistance mod. It is a superb mod with so many functions, options, choices—well over 100.
    One of those is simply called “No Capture Parties”. It works, I’m currently at level 3 in all regions and have never had a capture attempt on me.

    The mod also allows the simplest installation of other mods. Class piece of work.

  26. T
    That Guy

    I got the game for Free-50 from PSN and was excited to play it because I hadn’t played a FarCry game in YEARS. But after the 4 or 5th capture I closed the game and immediately deleted it. Come on Ubisoft ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

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