Far Cry 5 Comic Book Locations - Golden Age Nostalgia Mission

Comic books are collectibles in Far Cry 5. There’s twelve of them in all, and you’ll have to collect every one and bring it back to Nadine if you want to complete the Golden Age Nostalgia side mission. Since the game takes place across a lot of land, finding these collectibles might be a bit tricky. That’s why we’ve decided to write this here guide, with all the Far Cry 5 comic book locations.

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Mars Comics

You’ll find this one in the barn at Bradbury Farm, down the road from Lamb of God Church. Go into the barn and use the crates to climb to the upper level. Look to the left and you’ll see a mattress under the flag. The comic is on the mattress, next to the guitar.

The next one is at Parker Laboratories, west of Fall’s End. Just go into the building through the main entrance (the one with the patio) and you’ll see a desk with a corkboard above it. The comic will be on the desk.

You’ll find it in a lone house southwest of Moonflowers Trailer Park, in Hope’s region. Enter the house and go to the bedroom – the comic will be on the nightstand next to the bed.

The final comic book is at a campsite southeast of Peaches Taxidermy, called Camp Cougars. It’s on the ground next to one of the tents.

Vietnam Comic Locations

This one is in a house west of Nadine’s, the one asking you to collect all the comic books. It’s a white house on the opposite side of the road. As soon as you enter it, look left. You should see a bedroom with a gaudy wallpaper and a flower-patterned quilt on the bed. The comic book will be on the bed as well.

You’ll find this comic at the McNeill Residence, a lone cabin in the woods northeast from the FANG Center. When you reach the location, go to the back of the house and shoot the boarded up window. Jump inside and go to the bathroom – you’ll find the comic on the sink.

This collectible is hidden in the Vasquez Residence, a house by the river at the northwestern border of Hope’s region. Simply go inside, and grab it from the couch in the living room.

This one’s at the Chan Residence, a dingy little shack in the western part of Hope’s region. As soon as you enter, look to the left – you’ll see the magazine on the bed.

Zombie Comic

You’ll find this one at the Jefferson Lookout Tower, in the western part of Jacob’s region. Climb the stairs to the tower, enter the boarded-up office and look for the comic on a table.

This one is at the Elliot Residence, a farmstead by the river east of Baron Lumber Mill. Go to the back of the house and climb up on the awning – there’s one spot on the edge that isn’t covered in barbed wire. go through the broken window, and look for the collectible on your left, on a weapon case.

This issues is located at the O’Hara’s Haunted House, on the border between Hope’s region and John’s region. It’s halfway between Fall’s End and Hope County Jail. When you arrive, you’ll see two houses – you need to go into the one that isn’t haunted. Go around the back and climb to the roof, then jump on the platform on the side. Enter through the window and you’ll see the comic on a mattress.

You’ll find this comic at Peaches Taxidermy, in the northern part of Henbane River, a bit south from the Drubman Marina. The comic is in the green cottage to the left of the actual taxidermy place. It’s by the TV.


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