Far Cry 5 Jacob's Region Prepper Stash Locations

Prepper stashes in Jacob’s region will give you lots of perk magazines, ammo and other items. They’re Far Cry 5’s idea of puzzles, too – you’ll need to work to gain access to each of these caches. There’s more than a dozen of them, and some are quite tedious. Since everyone will want as much perk points as possible, we’ve decided to write a guide with Far Cry 5 prepper stash locations in Jacob’s region.

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If you need help finding these secret puzzle caches in one of the other areas, be sure to check out these guides:

Salvage Rites prepper stash

You can start this one by reading a note in a camp on an island in the large lake in the south of the area. You’ll need to dive into the lake and get Fred Tanner’s Key from the airplane wreckage – go to the fartherst flare, the one next to the plane part. Once you have the key, dive out and head back to the camp. Use the key to open the green crate and get the magazines.

Gone Squatchin’ prepper stash

This one begins at the Dansky Cabin, in the east of Whitetail Mountain. Read the note in front of the locked door, then get up to the lookout point. After that, follow the trail of blood and ropes to Dansky’s mangled body. Grab the keycard next to him, then head back to the cabin. You’ll find the magazines inside.

Unwelcome Guest prepper stash

This stash puzzle takes place at Frank’s Cabin, in the southwestern part of the area. After you’ve read the note by the door, head north past the house and hug the cliff on your left. You’ll end up in a bear’s cave – grab the keycard next to the body and go back to the cabin. Go inside and grab your magazines from the table and counters.

The Holdouts prepper stash

Head to the Eliott Residence, south of the FANG Center. Go past the house, turn around and climb up to the awning above the porch. Go inside through the broken window, then jump out the window in the bathroom. Enter through the other window and head downstairs. You’ll find a keycard next to a body in the kitchen. Head behind the house and shoot the padlock on the trap door in the shed. Go down and use the keycard to unlock the bunker door. The magazines will be on a table.

Hangar Pains prepper stash

Start this one by going to the Landsdowne Airstrip, north of the FANG Center. Read the note outside, then get up to the roof. Jump down the hole, and grab the magazines from the desk. The stash won’t count as completed until you press the button to open the hangar doors.



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