Far Cry 5 Features Character Creation and Full Co-Op Campaign

Ubisoft has confirmed some of the new features that they’ll be adding to Far Cry 5. Some of the most important points include character creation and a fully co-op campaign. You’ll now be able to make your own character and play through the entire game with friends, although, you’ll only be able to do so online.

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Far Cry 5 Features Character Creation and Full Co-Op Campaign
Far Cry 5 Features Character Creation and Full Co-Op Campaign

As Polygon reports, there’ll be a few new features in Far Cry 5 that will probably peak the interest of the fans of the franchise. At the top of the list is the co-op feature. Players will now be able to play through the whole campaign together. However, there’ll be no local co-op; there’ll only be online co-op multiplayer.

The second interesting addition is the character creation. So far, we only know that you can change the gender and skin color. We’ll see if the final game ends up offering more customization options. Another point of interest is if the co-op will allow us to play as our made characters, or if we’ll have to use pre-made ones.

The new Far Cry game already got a bunch of trailers setting up the Montana setting, as well as the Far Cry 5 announcement trailer that revealed the launch date. We’re learning more bits and pieces about the game as the release comes closer. As you’d expect from a triple-A game with a pedigree, there’ll be a bunch of different editions of the game, as well as a Season Pass. Depending on what you buy, you’ll even get access to all manners of extra content.

Far Cry 5 is coming out on February 27th, 2018. You’ll be able to pick it up for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There will be some additional content on the PS4 version that Xbox and PC players will have to buy it with Uplay Units

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