Brief Alan Wake craze saw numbers go from 60 concurrent Steam players to 6000

Alan Wake was announced to be pulling from Steam a couple of weeks ago. There were issues with extending licensing issues regarding the music and apparently this was not successful with regards to Alan Wake. The somewhat weird add-on, American Nightmare, is still alive on the store, as its licensing problems were resolved. What nobody expected was the crazy increase in the number of players returning to Alan Wake or buying it before it was pulled from the store.

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quantum break
Quantum Break was another Microsoft exclusive, but the next Remedy game will be coming to all platforms.
Prior to the news about the game being pulled the average number of concurrent players was a little over 60, and following the news this number rose to an average of almost 900, which is a huge difference. The highest peak reaching almost 6000 concurrent players at one point. It is an excellent game to be sure, and the discount to only $3 also did the trick. People love their sales!

The Alan Wake issue also brought back the questions regarding a potential sequel. Remedy Entertainment has talked on the issue over the years and said often that they would like to come back to character and the world “when the time is right”. Remedy recently signed a publishing deal with 505 games and announced it was working on a new title. Apart from being “a cinematic third person action game” it will not have connections with their previous titles: Max Payne, Alan Wake and the most recent, Quantum Break. It should feature new and even more complex game mechanics than before, since Remedy is famous for introducing some new gameplay in every new title, starting from the original Max Payne’s “bullet time” to Quantum Break’s time manipulation.

Supposedly, the new game is dubbed “Project 7” and it has already garnered $7.5M in investment from 505 Games.


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