Far Cry 5 Fishing Rods - Hope County Master Angler Trophy

Fishing rods in Far Cry 5 are used for catching fish. The fish can be sold for profit, but the truth of the matter is that fishing is mostly a good way to take a break from all the cultist murdering. Better rods mean bigger fish, and better chances of catching the rare varieties. There are four rods in the game, and getting all of them will unlock the Hope County Master Angler achievement. Since some of them are hard to obtain, we’ve decided to write this Far Cry 5 fishing rods guide.

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far cry 5 fishing rods hope county master angler trophy
Far Cry 5 Fishing Rods – Hope County Master Angler Trophy

How to get all fishing rods in Far Cry 5?

The first one is the basic fishing rod. You can find this one at every fishing spot. If a bug prevents it from spawning, you can also buy it from pretty much any store. It costs a meager $300. When you wrap your head around the basics, you’ll want to upgrade your gear. The next step is buying the natural fishing rod. You can get it at any shop, and it’ll cost you $800.

When you feel the need to upgrade again, you’ll actually have to work for it. The third one – the wonderboy fishing rod – is a reward for completing a quest chain. Go to Jacob’s Region, and head to Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in the south of the area. Talk to Skylar, the woman trying to break down the trailer door. You’ll have to complete three quests for her – Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishin’ and The Admiral. Once you’ve finished all three, you’ll get the rod.

The last one is the Old Betsy fishing rod. It has the best stats, but it’s also the hardest one to obtain. In order to get it, you’ll need to beat the fishing records in all three regions. To do this, you’ll need to fish exclusively at hard fishing spots. Go to each region’s headquarters and check out the board to see what kind of fish you need to catch, and how big it needs to be for the record.

Four of the fish are available in all three regions – the bull trout, the golden trout, the rainbow trout and the lake trout. They’re the ones in the left column on the board. The pallid sturgeon and the paddlefish sturgeon can only be caught in Holland Valley. The rock bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass are exclusive to Henbane River, while you can only get the chinook salmon, kokanee salmon and arctic grayling salmon in the Whitetail Mountains.

If you need help finding them, be sure to check out our hard fishing spot locations guide. It lists all the places you’ll need to visit in order to beat the records. Once you’ve caught them all, the new rod will be unlocked and you’ll be able to equip it in any weapons store.