Far Cry 5 Secret Ending Can Be Completed in Ten Minutes

You can beat Far Cry 5 in just about ten minutes, if you want to. Of course, this isn’t the “true ending”, as it were. It’s not some kind of cheat that will catapult you to the end. It’s a secret, alternative ending, which hinges on you literally not playing the game at all.

Far Cry 5 Secret Ending Can Be Completed in Ten Minutes
Far Cry 5 Secret Ending Can Be Completed in Ten Minutes

Far Cry has always been a bit of an off-the-wall series. Gameplay-wise, you could make the argument that the series is fairly bog-standard and formulaic. The more interesting parts are usually surrounding the gameplay, such as the memorable villains. And then, there was Far Cry 4, which you could beat in a matter of minutes by literally doing nothing. The game will prompt you into action, but if you just ignore it, you’ll complete the game. And, it is arguably the most peaceful solution, if not necessarily the most satisfying. It makes you think a bit.

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Far Cry 5 pulls a similar stunt (for more info on the endings, check out our Far Cry 5 All Endings – Resist, Walk Away & Secret Alternative Ending guide). To avoid any spoilers, it’s probably best to stop reading right now. I’ll try to be as vague as possible, but just in case, you’ve had your spoiler warning. So, at the very beginning of the game, you’re headed to Hope County to arrest the cult leader, father Joseph Seed. That’s not much of a spoiler.

However, once you do land into the compound and locate father Joseph, the game will expect you to do… a thing. You’ll even get a prompt. However, all you have to do is ignore it a couple of minutes, and the game will end. All in all, it takes about ten minutes. IF you want the further details, check out the article linked above. Now, as far as I’m concerned, this secret ending isn’t as interesting as the one in Far Cry 4. Still, it’s a fun little Easter egg, if nothing else.

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    Maybe you can end the game in 10 minutes but if you do that you will miss the adventure and action of Far Cry 5.

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