Far Cry 5 Lighter Collectible Locations - What They Carried Quest

Lighters are a collectible you can find in Far Cry 5. The lighters are crucial in the What They Carried quest. They are strewn all across the map, and they’re marked as Vietnam Lighters. However, the game won’t exactly hold your hand and outright reveal where they all are. So, you might get stuck trying to find them. To help you out, we’ll show you where to find Vietnam lighters in Far Cry 5.

Woody’s Vietnam Lighter Location

One of the Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters in John’s Region is in a bunker near Rae-Rae Pumpkin Farm. Behind the house, there’s several trucks (including one with the big speakers), and crates upon crates of pumpkins. Going beyond that, there’s a bunch of junk, and a rickety wooden fence. Behind that fence, next to a pine tree, you’ll see a trap door in a square slab of concrete in the ground. Open it up and descend into the bunker.

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Once you’re in the bunker, there’s a bunch of stuff you can collect there. There’s some supplies, and even a Perk Magazine to help you get those new perks. When you enter the room with four beds, turn around to face the doorway you came in through. There’s a chair in the left corner, and Woody’s Lighter is on it.

Joe’s Lighter Location

Another Vietnam Lighter, calls Joe’s lighter, can be found in Jacob’s Region, aka Whitetail Mountains. It’s in the mountains in the northwest of the region, on the edge of a cliff. The cliff itself overlooks Cedar Lake. At the very edge of the cliff, you’ll see the entrance to an underground bunker.

Once you’re inside the bunker, make sure you loot it completely, Perk Magazine and all. If you’re there only for Joe’s lighter, it’s on one of the shelves in the bedroom. It’s right next to the two blue barrels.

Dusty’s Vietnam Lighter

This Vietnam lighter collectible can be found in John’s Region is north of Orville Creek, southeast of Fall’s End. The house you’re looking for is the Miller residence. It’s in the corner of their property, behind the white garage (or it might a shed). Go inside the bunker, to the bedroom. Dusty’s lighter is on the floor on the left, next to a tall nightstand with a drawer.

Dom’s Lighter

In John’s Region, you’ll have to find the Filmore residence. You’ll find it on the side of the road if you head from Fall’s End towards Dead Man’s River. It’s on the south side of the road. Their bunker is in a small shed on their property. As for the lighter itself, it’s on the shelves on the wall across from the desk.

Danny’s Vietnam Lighter Location

Your next stop, as far as Vietnam lighters and John’s region, is the Harris residence. It’s in the mountains north of Fall’s End. Go up the last dirt road on the left from the highway leading to Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Once again, the entrance into the bunker is in a small shed on the property. Check the shelves in the bunker bedroom for Danny’s lighter. They’re on the right, next to the large barrels.

Lefty’s Lighter Location

In order to locate Lefty’s lighter, you’ll have to go to the south of Jacob’s region. There’s a rickety shack on a hill, on the line between Langford Lake and Clagett Bay, to the northwest of Widow’s Creek. Next to the shack, you’ll see the entrance into the bunker. Head down there, and you’ll find the lighter on a short table, next to the small TV set.

Smiley’s Vietnam Lighter

Our destination now is the Whitetail State Park in Jacob’s region. It’s up in the mountains in the west of the region, northwest of Clagett Bay. Go inside the Information Center (you’ll know it by the two “sinner” posters on each side), and walk to the counter. There’s a shelf just below the logo of Whitetail State Park on the left. There’s a medkit there, and Smiley’s lighter is right next to it.

Stanford’s Lighter Location

Head over to the Elliot Residence in Jacob’s region. It’s south of the F.A.N.G. Center, and west of Baron Limber Hill. Once there, you’ll be able to start the Holdouts Prepper Stash subquest. When you solve it, you’ll find Stanford’s lighter inside the locked bunker (the entrance is inside the shed with the American flag, on the table under the map, among the perk magazines.

Tim’s Vietnam Lighter Location

Our next stop is in Faith’s Region, Henbane River. Locate Peaches Taxidermy in the north of Faith’s territory (it has a green roof). Cross the creek to the west of Peaches Taxidermy. There, you’ll see a log cabin, with a helicopter next to it. On the right, there’s a little structure with green tarps. You’ll notice it by the weirdly-placed barrel propped onto the wall. That’s where the entrance into the bunker is. You’ll easily find Tim’s lighter on the long set of shelves.

Russel’s Vietnam Lighter

This location is very near the border between Faith’s region and John’s region. If you cross the bridge northeast of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm and keep going east, you’ll come across a pretty, reddish cabin with a green roof. You’ll easily find the entrance into the bunker. Russel’s lighter is on one of the beds inside the bunker.

Kev’s Lighter Location

The next point you’re looking for is the Counselor’s Cabin. It’s west of Moonflower Trailer Park, southeast of Sacred Skies Lake. Inspect the premises, and you’ll find the entrance into the bunker. Inside the “living room” area, you’ll see a large radio and other audio equipment on a shelf. The lighter is on the shelf below that junk.

Crow’s Lighter

Our last stop is the Abercrombie residence. It is in the east of Faith’s region, east of Hope County Jail. The entrance into the bunker is behind the house, at the back door. Once again, check out the shelf in the living room area below the audio equipment.

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