Far Cry 5 Silver Bar Locations - Where to Find

Silver bars a collectible you can find in Far Cry 5. You can find them in safes, which are strewn across the map. Silver bars are pretty useful, because you can use them to purchase various cosmetic items for your character. You can use real-life money to purchase silver bars in Far Cry 5. So, if you don’t want to spend even more money on the game, you’ll want to find them in-game. Therefore, we’re going to show you where to find silver bar locations in Far Cry 5.

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Silver Bar Locations in John’s Region – Far Cry 5

One of the silver bar safes in John’s Region in Far Cry 5 is in Falls’ End Garage. It’s a small building next to a much larger church with a green roof near Redler Creek; east of Lamb of God Church and north of Rye & Sons Aviation. On top of the garage part of the establishment, it says Oil Change & Wheel Alignments. You want to go into the Customer Entrance. There;s a soda machine on the right side of the door. Behind the soda machine is the safe. Open it up however you find fit; pick the lock, blow it up, whatever. When you open it, pick up your silver bars.

Another safe with the silver bars that you can find in John’s Region is in the hangar of Seed Ranch, which is one of the outposts that you’ll have to liberate. The hangar in question is the one where the game sends you during the “Enter Nick’s Plane” objective. The hangar is a large wooden structure, which you can enter by climbing up the ladders outside. Once inside, check the area to the left of the plane. You’ll see some white crates, one of which has the Up arrow symbol on it. Jump on that crate, and use that to jump over the chain-link fence. Look to your left, and you’ll spot the safe. Open it and help yourself to the silver bars.

Silver bars in Jacob’s Region

There’s a safe with some silver in the Whitetail Park Ranger Station, southwest of the FANG Center. It’s near the information counter (in the same room), in the cottage behind the sign.

Once you liberate the outpost at Pin-Ko Station (on the western edge of the area), you can raid another safe. It’s in the small, white buildin at the outskirts of the compound, in a room with barred windows.

There’s also a stash at the FANG Center. It’s in a safe in the office building, in the far left corner of the room.

Where to find silver bars in Faith’s Region?

Once you clear the cult outpost at Nolan’s Fly Shop, on the western border of the zone, you’ll be able to loot a safe in the nearby warehouse. Go to the office in the back and you’ll find the safe next to the desk.

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