Far Cry 5 Primal Outfit Pack - How to Get Costume from Ubisoft Club

Far Cry Primal outfit is one of the costumes in Far Cry 5. You can get it from the Ubisoft club if you own the previous game (the one with the cavemen). However, things are working as intended – a lot of players are unable to get the costume, even though they’ve ticked all the boxes. In this guide, we’re going to try to help those affected by listing everything we know about the Far Cry 5 Primal outfit pack.

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far cry 5 primal outfit pack
Far Cry 5 Primal Outfit – How to Get Costume from Ubisoft Club

How to get Far Cry Primal outfit?

In order to get this outfit in Far Cry 5, you have to own both games. That’s not enough, though. You’ll have to have played Primal on the account already – if you haven’t, make sure you fire it up for a bit before trying to get the costume. Once that is done, look for the outfit in the character appearance page. Once you’ve found it, press X on PS4 (A on Xbox) to access Ubisoft Club and unlock the costume. When you return to the game, you’ll be able to equip it.

Far Cry 5 Primal outfit bugs

Sadly, even knowing the entire procedure doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to get the Primal costume. There are a lot of bugs here, preventing many people from getting hteir hands on the outfit. For some, it doesn’t even appear in the list of costumes. Others have reported unlocking it in the Club, yet still being unable to find it in the game. We presume the developers are working on solving this as we speak – just be patient, and you should be wearing your favourite caveman rag in no time.

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  1. S

    On the Ubisoft Club page, where you can check mark it to unlock it, it states that it will be available at a later date. Did anybody *actually* unlock it in the game?

  2. Z

    I am assuming the reason I can’t access the far cry primal outfit is that of cross platforms. I own far cry 4 and primal on the ps4 pro and I purchased far cry 5 on the Xbox one x. I hope that they can fix this issue.

    1. A

      I own Rainbow 6 Siege on Xbox one and have access to the outfit on my PS4 where I play FC 5. I think it’s becuase the outfit will be released at a later date. I might reinstall FC primal on xbox one and fire it up to see if I just need to kick the tire….

  3. S

    People, if you look at the description of the Far Cry Primal Outfit in the Club rewards is says ‘available at a later date’ . I guess this is not available at launch.

    1. S

      It could be that ubi was joking since the outfit was worn in 10,000 B.C. but it can still be worn today.

  4. D
    Damien S Micallef

    If it’s available at a later date then how do people already have it? I’ve seen multiple people including friends both online and in the real world wearing this costume? And yes cross platform does work as it’s the same ubisoft account. You just needed to have owned the game and played the game in the past. As long as you had done that on your ubisoft account your sweet. It’s just bugged at the moment

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