Far Cry 5 How to Get Magnopulser Weapon - Science Fact Trophy

Magnopulser is a unique weapon in Far Cry 5 It’s locked behind completing a quest. You receive it at the end of the Aliens questline in Far Cry 5, as a part of the Science Fact trophy/ achievement. This weapon is not hidden from players, as they can see it at the vendor from the start of the game. It is, however, locked behind a quest line at Parker Laboratories. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the alien Magnopulser rifle in Far Cry 5, how to complete the quest and get the Science Fact trophy.

Magnopulser Special Weapon Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 How to Get Magnopulser Weapon – Aliens Quest

Far Cry 5 Alien Magnopulser Weapon

The Magnopulser is one of the strongest weapons in the game for close combat. It has the ability to one-shot every enemy from close range. It can also disable any group of enemies in front of you. Plus, it never needs an ammo refill. The sound of enemies getting disintegrated into thin air is just one reason to love this weapon.

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However, this weapon isn’t the best one in the game for several reasons. One is its inability to pass round any small metal blockade between you and the enemy. For example, enemies behind a pickup machine gun, or enemies with gas cylinders on their backs, are immune to its damage. Due to the Magnopulser’s great frontal area of effect, you can also hit your companions and friendly NPCs.

In the end, the Magnopulser is a great addition to your arsenal in the game. I’ve relied on it many times in combat, especially in close-quarters bunker fights, and the sound of the enemies going poof is more than satisfying.

Help Larry at Parker Laboratories

To unlock the Mangopulser, we need to help Larry at Parker Laboratories in Holland Valley. This is in John’s Region, and it is suggested by the game that it should be the first one you visit. It is located in the southwestern part of the main map. The Parker Laboratories Place of Interest is found west of Fall’s End, near the center of the region.

Help Larry At Parker Laboratories Far Cry 5
Help Larry At Parker Laboratories

You’ll probably spot Larry from a distance, as he is trapped in a large electrical cage. As you get close to him, the side mission “Free Larry” starts. This is the first mission in the quest line. It is also the quickest one, as you only need to turn off the three generators powering up the force field. They are at the end of the blue power lines coming out of Larry’s “cage”.

Destroy the Satellite Dishes

After you set Larry free, be sure to go back and talk with him. This will activate the second mission in the questline – “The Hero’s Journey”. The Purpletop Telecom Tower, which you need to reach, is towards the southeast, also close to Fall’s End. The five satellite dishes you need to destroy are near the top of the tower. Two of the dishes are placed on the third- and second-to-last platform. The last three are on the very top of the tower.

To get the dishes on top of the tower, you’ll need help from Larry. He will arrive in a helicopter as you come near the top of the tower. This is where the perk to use the grapple hook comes in handy, as you can look towards the helicopter and simply grapple into it. Once inside the chopper, you can use your weapons to shoot down the three satellite dishes. Make sure to switch seats to the back of the chopper so you can get a better view on those dishes. Or, just blow them up with explosives.

The next objective is to fly with Larry, secure the area, wait for him to land, and talk to him. When you do, you’ll automatically trigger the next side mission – “Close Encounters”.

Collect Alien Objects

The crop circles you need to reach are just southwest from Parker Laboratories. It’s one of the most distinct places on the map, specifically due to the circles signaling the presence of aliens. To get there faster, use Larry’s helicopter.

The alien objects are not marked on the map, but you have to find inside the search zone. The first one we’ve found is on one of the arms of the crop circles. It was defended by a group of turkeys. The second one was close to the center of the circles, close to the fence in the distance. It is unfortunately within an innocent dog; we had to manually remove the item from the poor animal.

The third alien object was on top of the tall silo. We’ve had to use the blue ladders on one of the smaller silo to be able to jump on another silo, and finally reach the big silo and its ladders. The alien object is on top of the silo inside a bird nest. The last alien object was on the edge of the compound, within a group of enemies that were interested in a dead cow, and the glowing object was inside the cow. Defeat the enemies and loot the cow to get the last item.

With four alien objects in your possession, return to Larry to start the final side mission – “Out of this World”.

How to get Magnopulser in Far Cry 5?

To get the Magnopulser in Far Cry 5, you’ll need to complete the last mission in the Aliens questline, “Out of this World”. From Parker Laboratories, head north towards the transformer station. This is where we have to override the electrical panel and reroute the power by flipping five switches. Three of them are on the ground floor. For two more, you’ll have to climb the tower and slide down the zipline for the last one.

For the glorious ending of the quest, go back to Larry and power on the generator. Shortly after, the quest will end, and you’ll earn the “Science Fact” trophy/achievement. Enjoy the ending, but don’t forget to loot the Magnopulser of the ground where Larry had been. You can also find Larry’s shoes. I’m not sure if you have any purpose, aside from being a funny item to loot.

If you haven’t looted the Magnopulser from the ground at the end of the “Out of this World” side mission, do not despair. It is now available in the shops for a small price.

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