Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Bug Solution

While Far Cry 6 has had a relatively issue-free release, there are a couple of bothersome bugs that you can encounter in the game, and one of these concerns the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key. This location is one the west end of Madrugada. Like many checkpoints, there is a small shack there with a chest inside that you can loot. However, the problem is that the key that will let you unlock this door to get inside sometimes just doesn’t spawn. If you have been one of the many players which have experienced this issue and don’t know what to do about it, our Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Bug Solution guide will help you resolve this problem.

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Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Bug Solution

How to Fix the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Bug in FC6

Under normal circumstances, the key for this checkpoint will spawn on the concrete blocks in front of the shack. All you have to do is pick it up and use it to open the door. But what to do if the key doesn’t spawn? Well, in case the key spawning bugged out, you can blow the door open instead. You can do this in several ways, either with your Supremo Exterminador, grenades, dynamite, or a weapon with blast rounds. Any explosives should work. Simply aim them towards this locked door and you will blast it apart. You can now freely enter inside and loot the chest there.

And there you have it, the Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Bug Solution. Simple, and far from elegant, but very effective and quick to do. Although, we have to point out that this will almost certainly be patched out in a subsequent patch. If you have any other Far Cry 6 questions or persistent issues, we invite you to check out our Far Cry 6 archives for a solution.

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  1. T
    Terry Bowlen

    Hiya, Just wanted to say that I had this problem occur. Firstly, on my first run through, I had no problem, second time it started, deleted save fie on second run through, started again hoping that it was just the save file (as it was early on in game wasn’t too much an issue to restart). New game start same thing, wouldn’t spawn key, had to blow door open to get FND cache (after reading various issues with that particular checkpoint). Then while continuing on in game, came across a NPC giving a quest just after taking another checkpoint, which was saying to take the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint, I returned back to the checkpoint to find that 2 regular soldiers seem to respawn there, and after killing them, finally captured the checkpoint officially.
    Thinking back, it was most likely that people who haven’t had this issue, have actually had the mission to take the checkpoint first, as my first run would have done that with me (else I wouldn’t have gotten to know the checkpoint existed unless by fluke).
    So my solution is, that if you want the checkpoint actually “officially” captured, wait until you get the mission to take it, even if it has glitched for you, no need to restart, just keep checking into the checkpoints you have captured already and get the quest from them, they will eventually give the checkpoint quest for Aguda Cliffs, and you can capture it regardless if you have it glitched already or not (so no need to restart game).

    1. D
      Dean Shepherd

      I have a different problem. I took this mission and flew from Montero Farm to the Avispa copter. I scoped out the soldiers. One sat down on his arse so I sniped him. I sought out a suitable position to take out the alarm. I’m now about 150 – 200 metres from the checkpoint. One of those red lorries turns up and stops across the junction on the south side of the checkpoint. I’m further south looking towards the lorry but on the east side of the road. I can see its fuel tank so I put a round into it and a flame starts in the tank. Note: no explosion or anything. Suddenly I hear the ‘drum roll’ and the base is captured!! Furthermore, I rank up to level 12 (probably nothing to do with it). I never got anywhere near the place and eliminated only one soldier. The Checkpoint appeared to capture itself. I never got closer than a point just south of the workbench on the east side of the highway. There is now a Libertad crate slightly north or east of the position I was at when the base was ‘captured’.
      This has happened on several bases now. I just need to be within 200 metres to capture them. It’s like I have an invisible team of soldiers assisting me.

  2. D
    Dean Shepherd

    PS. It appears I already have the key too.

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