El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest

Criptograma chests in Far Cry 6 are some of the more challenging – but also rewarding – puzzles in the game. They require you to follow blue clues until they guide you to Criptograma Charts. These Charts can then be used to unlock the Criptograma Chests themselves. The Criptograma chest in El Dorado is a pretty difficult one to solve, requiring that you explore a large part of the area surrounding the chest itself, but finding a way to open will be useful to any player, since you find a really nice pair of boots inside. In this El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest guide, we will explain how to find the two Criptograma needed to loot this chest.

Far Cry 6 El Dorado Criptograma Chest Solution

How to Unlock El Dorado Criptograma Chest – Far Cry 6

You will first encounter this Criptograma chest in El Dorado. It is on the top of a water tower, so use your grapple to get to it. Interact with the chest to see the two criptograma needed to open it. Next, get back on the ground and follow the blue planks close to the water tower. They and other blue signs will lead you to the beach. Get in the water and move to the little island with the chopped down palm tree on it. The tree stump is also painted blue, so you will be able to recognize it easily. Behind the rock there, you will find the first criptograma.

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Now, turn to your left and you will see rock painted blue protruding from the water. Move towards it. There are two palm trees here, go behind the one that is growing crooked. Directly behind it, there are some planks and a sign. The second criptograma chart is directly in front of this sign. Now that you’ve got both criptograma chart, go back to the chest on top of the water tower. Open it and you will be rewarded with the Rioter Boots MK II. Wearing these will greatly improve your defense against armor piercing rounds, and slightly impair your movement speed.

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