Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest Solution

The Far Cry 6 Poesia criptograma chest solution requires you to find the two appropriate criptograma charts. This is the way all such chests work, of course, but in the case of this one, you really have to look hard for the charts. It’s definitely one of the trickier such chests to figure out. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you how to unlock the Poesia criptograma chest, where to find it, and where to find the criptograma charts.

far cry 6 poesia criptograma chest solution
Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest Solution

How to Unlock Poesia Criptograma Chest – Far Cry 6

To unlock the Far Cry 6 Poesia criptograma chest, you need to find the two criptograma charts, as we’ve already mentioned. The trick is that, in this one, they’re really well-hidden. The first one is on the large rock jutting out of the water west of the location of the chest itself. There’s a jet ski parked at the wharf, so transportation won’t be a problem. From there, head around the lighthouse to the southwest and look to the hills on your left. You’ll find a platform with a blue piece of fabric that you can grapple on to. You’ll find the second chart up there. With both of them in your possession, go back and open the chest. Your reward will be the Rioter Gloves MK II wrist gear.

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If you want to know where to find this particular criptograma chest, I’ve got you covered. It’s in the northeast of the Costa Del Mar region, in the small village east of the Tempestad lighthouse. You’ll find it next to a house at the end of a wharf. So, that’s how to unlock the Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma chest solution and where to find it, as well as what you get in it. If you need further assistance to determine the chest’s location, check out the images below. And if you need help with something else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other guides, such as Durable Plastic Locations, Industrial Circuits – Where to Find, and Fort Quito Key – Du or Die Locked Door – Yaran Contraband Chest.

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