Far Cry 6 Maceo Stash & Key Location - Special Operations Moneda Chest

One of the special operations in Far Cry 6 involves finding the key location & Maceo stash, which is a chest filled with Moneda. You can access these operations by talking to Lola in the Guerilla camp. In this task, you have to kill an enemy Captain and get his explosive device. You can then grab the stash, wait for extraction, all the while fighting off enemies while preventing it from exploding. Read on as we give the Far Cry 6 Maceo stash and key location.

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Far Cry 6 Maceo Stash & Key Location - Special Operations Moneda Chest
Far Cry 6 Maceo Stash & Key Location – Special Operations Moneda Chest

Maceo Key Location – Far Cry 6 Moneda Stash

The game does give some clues to the location of the Maceo Moneda stash key. For the key, you may find a note that tells you it is somewhere in the soldier barracks. For this, follow the main road northwest to the airfield. Once you go inside the main gate, before the point you get the PG-240X, two barracks are to the right. The southernmost has the key. It will be on a dresser between two bunk beds.

Maceo Stash Location – Far Cry 6 Special Operations

Once you have the key, you can travel to the Maceo Moneda chest location. It is in the Mercado, which is to the east of the military base in the devasted zone. You might have picked up a note during the Maceo special operation telling you this.

Location Note

Look for a building that is under a leaking water tower. Go inside and you will find the Maceo Moneda crate location just in the left of the doorway. This is worth 400 Moneda, a hefty sum.

Of course, this movement needs completing while the explosive PG-240X is on your person. Keep it cool by traveling in the shade and cooling it in water. This is not taxing on the normal difficulty. When you have the funds, you can then spend the Moneda from the Maceo stash special operation at Lola’s black-market store.

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