Far Cry 6 Pelicans - How to Feed & Where to Find

How to feed & where to find pelicans is necessary for the side quest ‘Shock Therapy’ in Far Cry 6. In this, one of the tasks says you must feed some of the birds. The only clue it gives you is that they’re usually roaming the coasts of Yara. However, finding them is not the problem, getting close to them is. Read on as we discuss how to feed pelicans and where to find them in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Pelicans - How to Feed & Where to Find
Far Cry 6 Pelicans – How to Feed & Where to Find

Far Cry 6 Pelicans Locations

Pelicans live around the coastline. You can tell when they are near, either on the ground or in the air, by the shrill noise they make. If you see one in the air, don’t go chasing it waiting for it to land. Approach ones that are already on the ground.

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When you get the quest, the coastline to the south and north of the Far Cry 6 quest giver will have plenty of pelicans. Building a hunting lodge in one of the Guerilla camps will also bring up a pelican hunting spot.

Another great location is the island Clara’s HQ is at. No patrols or animals will be here to scare them away. You can also use the chance to get new supremos from Juan.

Far Cry 6 Pelicans – How to Feed & Where to Find

The trick to feeding them is to not spook them. They scare easily and will take to the air. This means you either have to wait for them to land or leave and see if they have respawned at the same spot.

They will flee at almost anything, from nearby fighting to the sound of your vehicle. This means you should always approach them on foot, parking at least 100 meters away. Once you have spotted one, crouch down and approach.

You can scout pelicans out with your camera in Far Cry 6. If you walk toward them cautiously, you will get a prompt to feed them. If you have the patience, you can actually stay still, and they may come to you.

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