Find Three Switches Far Cry 6 - Reach The Stash - Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt

In Far Cry 6, Treasure Hunts are a special type of mission in which, you guessed it, hunt for treasure, and one of the early ones, called Passing the Torch, requires that you find and operate three switches before you can reach the stash. Of course, doing this isn’t easy. All three switches are in different spots, and you will likely spend a lot of time searching for them. Or, you can read our Find Three Switches Far Cry 6 – Reach The Stash – Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt guide and immediately know where to look.

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Find Three Switches Far Cry 6 - Reach The Stash - Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt

Where to Find All Three Switches in the Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt FC6

This Treasure Hunt begins in Sierra Perdida. We’ve marked the exact location on the screenshot below. You will see a note on a pole, and when you read it, this will begin the “Passing the torch” Treasure Hunt. To open up the door in the house in front of the pole, you will need to find and turn on three switches. The first of these three switches is to the house directly above. Go up the stairs and move to the right side of this house. You will see a bunch of planks that you can break. Do so and enter the basement. Inside, you will see the first switch you need to turn on. Do so and exit the house.

The second switch is inside a house further ahead. Leave the first house and then continue moving forward. When you reach the house at the top, go to the right. Move behind it, jumping from plank to barrel, until you reach its back entrance. Inside is the second switch you need to turn on.

To get to the third and final switch, leave this green house. You will see a ramshackle shed straight ahead. Go to it and bash the front door in. Inside is the final switch. Now, go back to where you first found the note. To the left of it you will see a main switch. If you have turned on all three switches, the three lights on it will be glowing green and you will be able to interact with it. Now the metal door in front of the pole with the note is open. Go inside and loot the chest. This will complete the Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt.

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