FFXIV Fashion Report - Simple Chef

FFXIV Fashion Report is a weekly event and this time, the brief is entitled ‘Simple Chef’. To take part in the fashion week event, head to the Golden Saucer. From here, you need to speak with the Masked Rose. He will provide you with that week’s brief for the fashion report challenge. Read on as we discuss this week’s challenge and provide clues for Simple Chef.

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FFXIV Fashion Report - Simple Chef
FFXIV Fashion Report – Simple Chef

Each week, this brief changes. They are always very loose clues, but extra hints get provided depending on different areas of the body. For example, an extra clue may tell you what to wear on the feet or head.

Once you have dressed up, you get a score. The higher the score, the more chance you have of completing the challenge and gaining your reward. This includes 10,000 MGP for taking part and up to 50,00 for scoring. If you can get the correct items, this will be on the higher side.

This Weeks Fashion Report

This week’s fashion report gives the Simple Chef brief. Each of the clues below is a guideline that others have tried and found to be successful. You may have your own ideas that work.

Cooking Up a Storm is the name of this week’s head section. For this, any chef or cook hat in the game could work. This may include the Culinarians Hat, Galleykeep’s Hat of the Vintage Chefs Hat.

This week’s body clue is ‘In Tunic’. For this, any cheap NPC tunic should work. This could include the Hempen Tunic, Hempen Shepherds Tunic or Cotton Shepherds Tunic.

A lot of options are available for hands. With the brief ‘Hand in Long Gloves’, any number of long gloves will work. Star Velvet and Ghost Barque are prime examples. You could also use many of the armlets available such as Thavnairian or Orthodox Armguards.

Finally, ‘Paying the Duckbills’ is given to the feet. Any duckbills will do for this. The cheapest will be leather duckbills which you can get from most NPCs in town.

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