Industrial Circuits Far Cry 6

There are many materials that you will need to find in Far Cry 6, and Industrial Circuits are one of the most important. This is because this particular material is used for advanced Supremo and weapon improvements. Since improving your Supremo and weapons is such a big part of the FC6 gameplay experience, you will definitely want to get as many Industrial Circuits as possible. To help you acquire this resource in great quantities, our Industrial Circuits Far Cry 6 guide will tell you all the best methods to farm it and the best Far Cry 6 industrial circuits locations.

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Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits - Where to Find

How to Get Industrial Circuits Far Cry 6

The best methods to get Industrial Circuits in FC6 can be found in the description for this material. It states: “Can be purchased from Lola or by trading in animal meat. Used for advanced Supremo and weapon improvements at the Workbench.” Let’s explore the first option. Lola is an NPC that you will unlock during the course of the game. She will enable you to buy, among other things, Industrial Circuits from her. To do this, simply talk to her and go into the Black Market screen. Here, you will be able to purchase Industrial Circuits. However, you will only be able to buy these using Moneda, not Pesos.

Where to Get Industrial Circuits Far Cry 6

The second way that you can get Industrial Circuits is by trading animal meat for them. This specifically includes Alpha Crocodile Meat, Alpha Jaguar Meat, and Alpha Coyote Meat. You can trade it at any vendor. The Primal Set gear you get from hunting Mythical Animals is also very useful here, since it will allow you to do things such as getting closer to animals without them spotting you. Ordinarily, you will need to not use ballistic weapons against animals, since killing them with these means that you won’t be able to get their meat.

That is, until you upgrade your Hunter’s Lodge. Once you have sufficiently upgraded it, you will be able to get the Animal Anatomy Guide. This will enable you to get undamaged meat from animals even if you killed them with bullets or explosives. These are the two most reliable ways to get Industrial Circuits. You can also sometimes get it from Los Bandidos operations, but this isn’t as reliable as these two sure-fire methods.

The Animal Anatomy Guide allows you to kill animals in different ways and still obtain their meat.
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