Find Rosa Far Cry 6 - Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

The Far Cry 6 Missing Muse Find Rosa treasure hunt is one of the harder treasure hunts to complete, because it requires you to find a specific key and several clues to the location of the chest. To make things more interesting, it all happens out in the open, meaning that the search area is bigger than usual. So, with all of that said, we’ll show you how to complete the Far Cry 6 Missing Muse treasure hunt in this guide.

find rosa far cry 6 missing muse treasure hunt
Find Rosa Far Cry 6 – Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

Far Cry 6 Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Find Rosa Location

The location of the Missing Muse Find Rosa treasure hunt in Far Cry 6 is in the east of Cruz del Salvador, in the north of Cape Santa Maria. Check the map below to see where to go. When you arrive, head into the hut with a diver drawn on it at the entrance to the “resort” to find the note that kicks off the mission. Next, head up to the shack above and check the key rack to pick up Ambrosio’s key.

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Turn west and you’ll see a straw awning standing above the water, so head over there and read the poem on the table. After that, go back down the stairs and go north until you come across a log path. Turn left and clamber up to the top of the flat rock, where you’ll find another poem on a box on the floor next to the gas lamp and blue tarp. Next, to complete the Find Rosa Missing Muse Far Cry 6 treasure hunt, look into the water to the southwest. You’ll see a green-glowing buoy. Jump into the water under the buoy and find a small, sunken boat.

There’s a small chest in the back of the boat, and you can unlock it since you have Ambrosio’s key. Inside, you’ll find the Dark Tech Mask head gear. Also, if you swim back up to the buoy, you can get the Life Preserver charm. At least, that’s what happened in our case.

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