Open the Present - Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt - El Unicornio Mount Location

The FC6 Sweet Fifteen Open the Present El Unicornio treasure hunt is one of the more complicated hunts, but it also has one of the coolest rewards: the unicorn horse mount. Of course, you first need to figure out where to find the mission in the first place and how to start it. Once you have that figure out, there’s still a puzzle which you have to solve to get your reward. We’ll explain the whole process in our Open the Present – Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt – El Unicornio Mount Location guide.

open the present far cry 6 sweet fifteen treasure hunt el unicornio mount location
Open the Present – Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt – El Unicornio Mount Location

Where to Find Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt El Unicornio

To find the Sweet Fifteen Open the Present treasure hunt in Far Cry 6 and El Unicornio, you need to go to the north of El Este and Sierra Perdida. There’s a large building north of Savannah Fields and Hidago Lake that has a huge billboard advertising a quinceañera; check out the images below to see where it is. Walk to the north side of the building, and you’ll see a red box on the wall next to the back door. The note is inside the red box, so read it to kick off the mission. Then, walk through the door and go right. You’ll find yourself in a large room with a big, red button on a podium. You need to press the button, but it has no electricity going to it. So, it’s time to find four switches.

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How to Open the Present in El Unicornio Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6

To complete the El Unicornio Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Open the Present treasure hunt, you need to find four switches. First off, head to the south of the large room, towards the cage in which the unicorn is. Go through the door on the left and hop onto the box straight in front of you. Head left into the other section of the storage area and break the wooden barrier. Flip the orange switch on the wall, then head up the ladders opposite the switch. Once on the higher level, jump onto the catwalk and go left. You’ll find the second switch on the wall there, but be aware of the weasel that will attack you.

Go back to ground level and the podium, then head to the western corner. Turn left, and you’ll see a bunch of wires crisscrossing across the floor. Use the crates and tables to reach the other side and hit the button on the wall. Then, go into the caged area on the right to find the third switch. Exit the caged area and head up the stairs on the left. Go through the door and follow the path into the small kitchen area. Turn left to find the fourth and final switch.

To complete the Far Cry 6 El Unicornio Sweet Fifteen Open the Present treasure hunt, go back to the podium and press the button. This will unlock the gate across from the podium, so go in there and collect your rewards. You’ll get a bunch of materials, the MG42 light machine gun, and, most importantly, the El Unicornio horse.

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