Find the Treasure - Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt

Out of the many Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6, “The Emerald Hunt” is by far one of the most difficult, not to mention – the longest ones in the entire game. This extensive Treasure Hunt really lives up to its name, since you will literally hunt for this treasure across several different locations. The good thing is that it will really make you feel like Indiana Jones, figuring out what you need to do next and spelunking around mystical caves. The bad news is it can be very hard to complete, especially if you’re unsure what to do next. Which is why we’ve made this Find the Treasure – Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt guide. In it, we will tell you everything that you need to do to complete this Treasure Hunt, as well as everything you should watch out for.

Find the Treasure - Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt

How to Find the Treasure in The Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt FC6

The Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt begins in the El Este region in Concepcion. You will find the note that begins it on the building with the Dr. Halfmain banner on it. When you read it, this will mark a cave close to town, so head there. Enter this ominous-looking cave. Inside, you will find a spot where you can use your grapple. Grapple and swing a couple of times until you reach the top. Once there, you will see a dead body clutching the Unlucky Skull. Pick it up, but be careful – a grenade will drop when you do, so quickly back away as soon as you have done so. This will open the way to another cave.

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The location of the second cave will now be highlighted on your map, so go there. Enter the cave and use the Emerald Skull you found on the statue in the cave. This will open up a secret door. Inside, you will see that the chest is on a stone platform, and that there aren’t any stairs leading up to it. There are two other statues that you will need to also interact with using the Emerald Skull. Go to the top of the stairs to the right. There is a spot you can grapple to, so use it to swing to the other side where the first statue is. Now, go back to the same stairs and interact with the other statue as well.

Another secret passageway will now open at the top of the stairs. Go there, but be careful of the poison gas and booby traps there. Finally, when you reach the top, jump down onto the stone platform. You can now loot the chest. Inside, you will find Ida’s War Dance charm. This is the same Ida from the Oluwa Cave Quest which gets you the best stealth armor.

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