Far Cry 6 Bow Locations - Compound, Bullseye, Recurve, El Capirote

Far Cry 6 bow locations are places where you can obtain the four different bows in the game – Compound, Bullseye, Recurve and El Capirote. The issue is that only one bow appears in the open world. The other three are actually tied to building different upgrades in guerilla camps. That is bound to cause some confusion. So, in our Far Cry 6 Bow Locations – Compound, Bullseye, Recurve, El Capirote guide, we’ll show you how to get all four bows, including where to find the one that’s in the open world.

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far cry 6 bow locations compound bullseye recurve el capirote
Far Cry 6 Bow Locations – Compound, Bullseye, Recurve, El Capirote

Far Cry 6 Compound Bow – How to Get

To get the compound bow in Far Cry 6, go into one of the guerilla camps that you have available and talk to the foreman at the construction desk. You’ll know him by the hammer icon hovering above his head. In the construction desk menu, purchase the Guerilla Garrison camp resource. This unlocks access to a number of basic weapons, which the compound bow is not. Therefore, the next step is to upgrade the Guerilla Garrison to the second level, aka Enhanced Guerilla Garrison. That will let you purchase more advanced weapons, one of which is the compound bow. Buy it if you have the pesos and be on your way. Keep in mind that building and especially upgrading stuff like the Guerilla Garrison is very expensive in materials, and you might need to do some farming.

Far Cry 6 Bullseye Bow Location

The location of the Bullseye bow in Far Cry 6 is out in the wilderness of the west of Sierra Perdida, in El Este. You can find it in a cage that’s just out in the wilderness near the Verde River. Head north along the river and look west until you spot a bunch of wooden cages. The Yaran contraband chest containing the bow will be in one of the cages. Check out the images below to see exactly where the chest will be. Incidentally, this is also near the location of one of Lorenzo’s children. If you want to know more about this side quest, check out our Lorenzo Children Locations – The Seeds of Love guide.

How to Get Recurve Bow Far Cry 6

To get the Far Cry 6 recurve bow, you actually have to go through the same steps as with the compound bow. Head to one of your guerilla camps and have a chat with the foreman. Build the Guerilla Garrison to get access to the basic weapons. Unlike the compound bow, the recurve bow is actually one of the basic weapons, so just purchase it if you have the money. Again, I have to mention that these upgrades still cost materials, so make sure to have them on hand, lest you need to go out farming for stuff. keep in mind that the recurve bow is technically the weakest of the bunch, but still useful.

Far Cry 6 El Capirote – How to Get

To get the El Capirote bow in Far Cry 6, you once again have to build something in a guerilla camp. This time around, it’s not the Guerilla Garrison, but the Hunter’s Lodge. A Level 1 Lodge will do just fine, so if the bow is all you’re after, that’s all you’re gonna need. Upgrading the Hunter’s Lodge does have its perks, but you don’t need to do it just yet. The best part is that you apparently don’t have to pay anything for the El Capirote; it’ll just drop into your inventory when you build the lodge. Not bad for what’s essentially an upgraded version of the recurve bow.

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