How to Get the Weapon Chest Behind Metal Bars in Fort Quito on Isla Santuario Far Cry 6

Figuring out how to open the Far Cry 6 Fort Quito basement weapon chest on Isla Santuario can be a great asset for you. It contains a great unique weapon, the Autocrat pistol, which can give you a leg up fairly early in the game. In fact, it might be the first unique weapon chest that you find in the game. So, with that in mind, here’s our How to Get the Weapon Chest Behind Metal Bars in Fort Quito on Isla Santuario Far Cry 6 guide to help you with this conundrum.

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how to get the weapon chest behind metal bars in fort quito on isla santuario far cry 6
How to Get the Weapon Chest Behind Metal Bars in Fort Quito on Isla Santuario Far Cry 6

How to Open Far Cry 6 Isla Santuario Fort Quito Weapon Chest

To open and get the Fort Quito Far Cry 6 weapon chest in Isla Santuario, you need to walk around the cage. The door is locked, and there doesn’t seem to be a key that will open it. So, walk around the right side of the cage. There, you’ll find some sheets of wood that you can break with your melee weapon. Crouch through the whole in the fence and open the alligator chest to get the Autocrat unique pistol. I don’t think I need to say this, but just in case: make sure to eliminate the enemies in the vicinity before you do all this.

Now, for those of you that don’t know where the weapon chest even is, let’s explain how to find it. Turn your back to the armory (the place where you get uranium in the Du or Die mission) and turn left. Go through the door behind the cages, then head down the ladders in the floor. Then, to get the Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Isla Santuario weapon chest, climb down another set of ladders and down the stairs. Turn around and look under the stairs, and there’s the big cage full of crates. Walk to the right of it, break the wooden barrier, and open the chest.

Note that there’s another way to get to this spot. There’s an underwater cave whose entrance is marked by large tires at water level that you can use to get into Fort Quito. As soon as you climb out of the water, you’ll find yourself in the room with the weapon chest.

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