Far Cry 6 Horse Locations - How to Unlock Horses in FC6

In Far Cry 6, horses are one of the main modes of transportation that you can use, but for many of these, you first need to unlock them. You can find saddled horses all across Yara and ride them similarly to any other vehicle. And you can also summon them at special Pickup Points. Besides the default horse breed, there are several other breeds that you will be able to unlock during the course of the game. Apart from these tame horses, there are also wild horses. These are very difficult to get, since you need to sneak up to them and mount them. Otherwise they will be spooked and run off. In this Far Cry 6 Horse Locations – How to Unlock Horses in FC6 guide, we will be taking a look at the horses in FC6, and the best places to get them.

Far Cry 6 Horse Locations - How to Unlock Horses in FC6

How to Unlock Horses at Pickup Points in FC6

There are several ways to unlock horses in Far Cry 6. The most common way will involve you scanning different horse breeds with your mobile phone. You need to get close enough to them before you can successfully scan them and get information about their breed. Once you have scanned them, they will then become available to summon at all Pickup Points. There are special horse breeds which are used by the military and these you cannot scan. To unlock these, you have to either hijack them, or to find a spot where they are located (usually around military bases), mount one of them, and then drive it to the nearest Pickup Point. When you have done that, this particular breed will also become unlocked and available to summon and drive.

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Where to Find Madrugadian Horse in Far Cry 6

You will encounter a herd of Madrugadian horses close to Armonia. This will also be a great opportunity to get closer to them and scan them so that you can unlock the Madrugadian horse breed.

There is also a herd of Madrugadian horses roaming a ways northeast of Armonia. You can see their general location (since they are moving around) in the screenshot directly below.

FC6 Spanish Marchador Horse Location

The Spanish Marchador is a military horse breed. As such, it cannot be scanned. If you try to do it, you will instead get the message that you “Can’t scan military vehicles.” There are several Spanish Marchador horses at the military base in Prado Meadows, Vencejo. Since scanning them doesn’t work, approach one of them and mount it. You now need to drive it to the nearest Pickup Point. If you get off of it, the horse will go back to its original position. Which means that you will need to do this in one go. When you have driven the horse to a Pickup Point, this breed will now be unlocked and you will be able to summon it at other Pickup Points across the game.

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      Horse pickup points are marked on the map with a green horse icon and are usually near guerilla bases or key points on the map.

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