Far Cry 6 Supremo-Bond Locations

Supremo-bond locations in Far Cry 6 are places where you can get the crafting / upgrade material. Unfortunately, there are no set locations where you can farm them, but there are a few things that you need to know, which will make the process less annoying. In our Far Cry 6 Supremo-Bond Locations guide, we’ll explain how to get supremo-bond with a solid degree of reliability.

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far cry 6 supremo-bond locations
Far Cry 6 Supremo-Bond Locations

How to Get Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

To get supremo-bond locations in Far Cry 6, there are two things you can do. The material can sometimes be found in Libertad chests (aka the blue-colored chests with the Libertad Guerilla logo on them). However, those drop armor pieces way more often than upgrade materials like the supremo-bond. You should not rely on those for crafting gadgets and whatnot. No, what you want is to hunt down supply drops, as we’ll cover in a second.

Another good source of supremo-bond are the ambushes. You can find these marked on the map as white guns on a red diamond-shape background. These are pretty simple to understand – there’s a bunch of enemy soldiers guarding a large package. I think it’s pretty clear what you need to do.

One thing that we have to explain here is what the supremo-bond is even for. Well, after you complete the Du or Die quest, you’ll unlock a system that lets you create and upgrade various gadgets to augment your playstyle. Most of these require supremo-bond in some capacity, so try and have it on you.

Far Cry 6 Supply Drops

Supply drops in Far Cry 6 are your best source of supremo-bond locations. They are special crates that appear at random around the map. You’ll know one is gonna be in the vicinity when you see a plane flying overhead. Once it’s gone, look for a yellow smoke plume emanating from the supply drop; it’ll lead you straight to the goodies. However, it will also attract the attention of nearby soldiers, so you will have some company when you approach the crate. Clear them all out and open the giant package; odds are good that there will be some supremo-bond in there, as well as some other useful stuff. Always check out that yellow smoke if you have the chance.

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