Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt - Find the Owner and His Stash

The Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6 has you finding the owner of a beer brewery and – more importantly – his stash. To do this, you will need to locate and turn several pressure valves in the brewery, but finding all of them isn’t an easy thing to do. The reward for completing this Treasure Hunt is the powerful Into Orbit, a Unique Rocket Launcher. So, if you want to get this weapon into your arsenal, our Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt – Find the Owner and His Stash guide will help you figure out exactly what you need to do here.

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Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt - Find the Owner and His Stash

How to Complete the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt and Find the Owner and His Stash FC6

This Treasure Hunt begins in the Valle De Oro region. You will hear rumors that there is something odd happening at the local brewery and that you should check it out. Make your way to the location we’ve marked on the map in the screenshot below. Enter the brewery and go read the Treasure Hunt note at the table. This will begin the Liquid Courage TH. What you need to do here is to find and turn on three pressure valves. The first two of these are in a very obvious place inside the brewery, but the third one is hidden and will take a bit more work to get to it. Enter the door to the right of the table you found the starting note on.

As soon as you enter this room, turn right and interact with the pressure valve there. Next, turn on the pressure valve to the left of the main pressure valve (the one with the three lights above it). Go up the stairs here walk until you reach the pipes. Jump on them, and walk until you reach the final pressure valve. Turn it on and go back downstairs. Operate the main valve (the three lights above it should be green now). A hole in the roof will open up. Grapple up there and crawl into the ventilation shaft.

Crawl through here until you reach a hole that you can down. Congratulations, you’ve found the owner and his stash. All that’s left now to complete the Liquid Courage Treasure Hun is to loot the chest here. Inside, you will find the Unique Rocket Launcher called Into Orbit.

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