Far Cry 6 Mysterious Key - Guau-Guau Island Chest

If you’re wondering where to use the Far Cry 6 Mysterious Key, you’re far from the only one. A lot of you are going to run into this item while unlocking Chorizo as your animal amigo and have no idea what to do with it. You might be thinking that it unlocks something inside the camp, but nope. It actually unlocks a chest on a tiny, remote island, as we’ll explain in our Far Cry 6 Mysterious Key – Where and How to Use It guide.

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far cry 6 mysterious key where and how to use it
Far Cry 6 Mysterious Key – Where and How to Use It

Far Cry 6 Where & How to Use Mysterious Key

To use the Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6, you need to go to the small island called Guau-Guau. That’s on Isla Santuaria, in the northwest of Quito. There’s a body of water kinda surrounded by land in that part of the map, and the island in the middle is Guau-Guau. Consult the screenshots below to see where you need to go. Once you land on the tiny, tiny isle, find the lean-to of sorts with a bed inside it. In front of the structure is a fire, and near the fire is a chest. You use the key to open that chest, and inside you’ll find the F*** Anton unique rifle. The chest is really not hard to find; the island is extremely small.

If you’ve happened upon this guide by some kind of accident and have no idea what I’m talking about, let me get you up to speed now that you know where to use the Far Cry 6 Mysterious Key. In the guerilla camp in Madrugada, the one you get to after completing the Meeting the Monteros main mission, you can find a little dachshund (aka wiener dog) in a wheelchair. His name is Chorizo, and if you interact with him, he’ll give you a brief side mission. We cover this in detail in our Chorizo Amigo guide, but here’s a quick rundown.

The adorable puppy will first “ask” you to get some Yaran crocodile meat. After you bring him some, he;l take you on a tour of the camp, during which he’ll uncover a number of hidden items hidden around the area. One of these things is the Mysterious Key, which you’ll find in a small box. Once you have it, head to Guau Guau and open the chest.

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