Far Cry 6 The Autocrat Unique Weapon Pistol Location

The Autocrat in Far Cry 6 us a unique pistol that you can find fairly early in the game. Not only does it look cool, but it also comes with armor-piercing rounds and mods like Gut-Wrencher and Trigger Discipline that make it a really effective, hard-punching gun. It’s a great advantage, especially that close to the beginning of the game. That’s why we’ve put together our Far Cry 6 The Autocrat Unique Weapon Pistol Location guide, in which we’ll show you how to open the Fort Quito weapon chest and get The Autocrat, as well as its stats and mods.

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far cry 6 the autocrat unique weapon pistol location
Far Cry 6 The Autocrat Unique Weapon Pistol Location

How to Open Weapon Chest in Fort Quito to Get Far Cry 6 Autocrat Unique Weapon

To open the Far Cry 6 Autocrat unique weapon, you have to open the weapon chest at the bottom of Fort Quito. We cover this in more depth in our Fort Quito weapon chest guide, but here are some basic instructions. You can get to the chest in two ways. The first one is to swim through the cave below the fort, and the second is to go through the door left of the fort’s armory and go down from there. Either way, you’re looking for the large cage under the stairs that’s full of crates and what not. Circle around to the right of the cage and break the two wood panels with your melee weapon. Go inside the cage and open the large chest with the alligator on it. That’s where the Autocrat is.

The Autocrat Stats, Mods & Showcase

The Far Cry 6 Autocrat pistol unique weapon stats and mods reinforce what it’s all about – a really good and versatile side weapon. The attachment mod is armor-piercing rounds, which is pretty useful, as you might imagine. The two other mods are Trigger Discipline (improves aimed weapon damage) and Gut-Wrencher (improves body shot weapon damage). For the stats and the overall showcase, check out our video below.

The unique weapon’s description reads: “Quick draw, short- to mid-range, rewards precise handling. My abuela’s abuela had this fancy jeweled egg. Ugliest thing in ever seen. Said she got it from the maid who worked for old Gabriel Castillo’s wife. Well, now that it’s decorating my favorite pistola, I think it’s quite pretty. I guess sticking it to the Castillos runs in the family, si? -Soru”

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