Far Cry 6 Perros Demoniacos Location - Mythical Animals

The Perros Demoniacos mythical animal Far Cry 6 location is one of a number of places where you can find “legendary” animals like these. They are unique beasts that you can hunt down and exchange for armor pieces at the Hunting Lodge. One thing that’s slightly unique in this case is that this particular place holds two animals in one. So, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Perros Demoniacos and what you get from exchanging their pelts.

far cry 6 perros demoniacos location mythical animals
Far Cry 6 Perros Demoniacos Location – Mythical Animals

Where to Find Perros Demoniacos Mythical Animals Location in Far Cry 6

To find the location of the Perros Demoniacos mythical animals in Far Cry 6, you need to look for them in the north of Madrugada, in the center of the Aguas Lindas zone. It’s northwest of Dazante Ridge; check out the screenshots below to see exactly where they are. If you upgrade the Hunting Lodge in a guerilla camp up to level 3, you can take a bounty that will mark the location on the map. While we’re on the subject, don’t forget that you need the Hunting Lodge to be at least level 1 to get the armor pieces for hunting mythical animals down.

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Once you arrive at the location of the den, you’ll see that the Perros Demoniacos are two wolves / large wild dogs, one black and one white. You can shoot them from a distance with a sniper to get their health down a bit before they notice you when you get to the Perros Demoniacos Far Cry 6 mythical animal location. However, as soon as you ping them once, they will start trying to reach your position. Their AI is not too smart, so you can probably take a few more shots at them before they close the distance.

However you choose to do it, you need to kill both perros and collect their pelts. Then, go back to the Hunting Lodge and exchange the pelts for armor. Specifically, you’ll get the Primal Boots foot gear for the black pelt and the Primal Bracer wrist gear for the white pelt.

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