Verdera Town Criptograma Chest & Charts Locations Far Cry 6

The Far Cry 6 Verdera Town Criptograma Chest and Charts locations are not too far from each other, and once you find the chest, you can figure out where the charts are fairly easily. That is, if you keep your wits about you and look carefully. However, that said, figuring out where the chest is can be a bit of a problem. So, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Criptograma Chest and Charts locations in Verdera in Far Cry 6.

verdera town criptograma chest & charts locations far cry 6
Verdera Town Criptograma Chest & Charts Locations Far Cry 6

Where to Find Criptograma Chest & Charts in Far Cry 6 Verdera Town

To find the Criptograma Chest and chart locations in the town of Verdera in Far Cry 6, go to the northern edge of the town and find the defunct gas station with a billboard of El Presidente on the top. You can climb up to the roof of the building, and then use the ladders to climb to the top of the scaffolding that’s holding the billboard. That’s where you’ll find the chest, and, if you look upon the town from that vantage point, you can actually see where the charts are, too.

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If you look across the rooftops to the south, you’ll see a trail of blue fabric indicating a climbing path that you can take. Your goal is the water tank that you can see in front of you. The chart is bolted to the base of the tank. Now, to find the second Criptograma Chart for the Far Cry 6 Criptograma Chest in Verdera Town, look further to the south, and you’ll see yet another water tank on a roof, with blue fabric bits leading to it. So, clamber across to the tank and you’ll find the Chart once again nailed to the base.

Now that you have both charts, all that’s left to do is double back to the location of the chest. Open it up, and you should find the Rioter Helmet MK II head gear. It gives you major armor piercing protection, greatly improving your defense against armor piercing rounds.

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