Far Cry 6 Tank Locations - Capture & Keep a Tank

Knowing how to capture and keep a tank in Far Cry 6 can be very useful, once you know where the tank locations commonly are. Having a tank at your disposal has its advantages when you’re fighting a guerilla war, as you might imagine. It’s amazing how it clears the road in seconds. So, in our Far Cry 6 Tank Locations – Capture & Keep a Tank guide, we’ll show you how to capture a tank in FC6, as well as their locations and how to get them all.

far cry 6 tank locations capture & keep a tank
Far Cry 6 Tank Locations – Capture & Keep a Tank

How to Capture a Tank in Far Cry 6

To capture a tank in Far Cry 6, after finding its location, hop into it and take it to the nearest vehicle pickup point. These are are marked on the map as little green icons with a white truck in them, as demonstrated in the screenshot below. Plot a course on your map and then just drive over to the pickup point. After you’ve done that, you’ll always be able to summon that tank via the phone booth. You can’t scan tanks with your phone and add them to your garage that way; you have to go the longer route. On the bright side, it’s surprisingly easy to reach any destination when you’re driving tens of tons of steel with a cannon on top. That said, there are also two tanks that are rewards for completing specific missions.

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Far Cry 6 Tank List & Locations

Tank locations in Far Cry 6 are most commonly in military bases / installations, aka the zones outlined in red, and they’re sometimes marked as tank depots on the map. There’s even one on the starting island of Isla Santuario, in the west. So, just keep your eyes peeled when raiding military areas so you don’t miss them. There are three different tanks that you can get this way. There are two more tanks that you get from specific missions, as we’ll explain in our list of Far Cry 6 tanks below.

  • 1944 Petrov HS-100 – Found in military installations in the open world.
  • 1944 Petrov HS-100 B – Found in military installations in the open world.
  • 1944Petrov HS-100 Elite – Found in military installations in the open world.
  • 1944 Petrov HS-100 “Senor Pinga” – Complete Yaran Story “Heavy Metal” in Madrugada (unlocks after completing Stealing Thunder Yaran story).
  • 1944 Petrov HS-100 “Karlito” – Complete Operation “Harpoon” in El Este (unlocks after completing operations Knuckleball, National Treasure, and Room Service).
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