Far Cry 6 How to Capture Military Vehicles - Tank, Helicopter, Truck

If you want to know how to capture Far Cry 6 military vehicles – tanks, helicopters, trucks, horses – you probably won’t be the only one. Regular vehicles let you simply scan them and you’re done, you get to keep them. Military vehicles and horses are a different can of worms – you can’t scan military vehicles. However, there is a way to keep them, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide.

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far cry 6 how to capture military vehicles tank helicopter truck
Far Cry 6 How to Capture Military Vehicles – Tank, Helicopter, Truck

How to Capture & Get Far Cry 6 Military Vehicles – Truck, Tank, Horse, Helicopter

To capture and permanently get military vehicles in Far Cry 6, such as trucks, tanks, helicopters and horses, you have to take them to a vehicle pickup point. Each area has one of these, so make sure to memorize where they are. Then, get into the vehicle / get on the horse and ride over to the vehicle pickup point; that’s how you get to keep military vehicles.

Normally, you don’t have to take vehicles all the way to the pickup; you can just whip out your phone and scan them. However, the game clearly tells you that you can’t scan military vehicles. I guess it would be a bit too much to just let you take a pic of powerful tanks and helicopters. On the bright side, there ain’t nothing that’s gonna stop you rolling down the street in a goddamn tank.

Where to Find Military Vehicles in Far Cry 6

You can find and capture Far Cry 6 military vehicles in various locations around the map, in locations that are still controlled by the military, usually. Basically, just explore the map and look for military bases of any size. Tanks appear in tank depots, of course, but there are really no rules as to which vehicle you’ll find where. Keep your eyes peeled at all times; tanks and helicopters and trucks are not exactly hard to spot. Plus, the horses are loud, so that works out well for you, too. Of course, do pay attention to your surroundings and keep your wits about you; there might be soldiers guarding the vehicles.

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