Far Cry 6 Wingsuit - How to Get and Use

Knowing how to get and use the Far Cry 6 wingsuit is advantageous for quick aerial traversal, and it’s also a lot of fun. I mean, it basically lets you fly. Well, technically, you are just gliding and will have to land eventually, but still, you can cover a lot of ground through the air. It’s a blast, as long as you steer carefully. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the wingsuit in FC6 and how to use it.

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far cry 6 wingsuit how to get and use
Far Cry 6 Wingsuit – How to Get and Use

How to Get Wingsuit – Far Cry 6

To get the wingsuit in Far Cry 6, play through the main missions in the game until you unlock the guerilla camp facilities. The game will tell you when you’ve done it, don’t worry. As soon as you find yourself in the guerilla camp, head straight to the foreman (the guy with the hammer icon above his head) and talk to him. Select “Build a New Camp Facility” and then opt to make the Hideout Network. It requires 30 Metal and 30 Gasolina. After a brief cutscene, you’ll get a popup informing you got the wingsuit. You don’t have to equip it manually or anything like that; you can just use it whenever you’re in the correct situation. That brings us to out next point…

Far Cry 6 – How to Use Wingsuit

To use the wingsuit in Far Cry 6 once you unlock it, the first step is to find a place which you can jump off and actually get some air. Then, when you leap off, press the left stick to activate the wingsuit. Congratulations, you’re flying! Well, falling very slowly, because that’s how physics work, but you can stay airborne for a really long time. Just be careful as you steer yourself to not bonk into any sturdy obstacle, because you’ll probably die instantly. If you want to see what that looks like, or just the wingsuit in action and how to get it, check out our video below.

ADDENDUM: you control flight with the left stick. Left is for turning left, right is for turning right. The only “catch” is that you need to pull the stick down to go up and push it up to go down. Bog-standard flight controls.

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