How to Get Winter Clothing | Far Cry Primal

Winter Clothing is an item in Far Cry Primal. It increases your resitance to cold weather, letting your explore the north of Oros more freely, without the fear of freezing.
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If you want to get it, you’ll have to finish a couple of missions and invite a special warrior into your tribe. This guide will show you how to get winter clothing in Far Cry Primal, where to find Karoosh.

how to avoid freezing far cry primal
After you’ve finished Tensey’s starting mission, he’ll move into your village. You’ll need to build houses for both him and Sayla. After that, the map will start showing several key persons you can invite to join your tribe.

Karoosh is one of them – he’s the one-eyed, bearded man with the long hair. You’ll find him to the north-east of the village, close to where the grassy terrain stops and the dirt begins. You’ll have to help him fight off a couple of waves of Udam warriors, after which he’ll agree to go to your settlement.

You’ll have to build him a hut. This will allow you to craft the basic version of winter clothes, which will let you stay in the cold twice as long. However, the real prize comes when you upgrade Karoosh’s hut. This unlocks the advanced winter clothes, which helps you stay in the snow indefinitely.

Here are the materials you’ll need if you want to craft the clothing:
  • Level 1 (double the protection): Wolf Skin x4
  • Level 2 (infinite protection): White Wolf Skin x2, Rare Yak Skin x2