Kanda of Faith Achievement / Trophy | Far Cry: Primal

Kanda of Faith is an achievement in Far Cry: Primal. You can unlock it by climbing the Pardaku Lookout Peak by following the upward spiral path and jumping from the top into the lake. This guide will show you how to get Kanda of Faith achievement and get to the peak.

You start at the point marked on the map above. You need to go left and find one of the paths that lead upwards. There are a few of them, so you can choose. Soon you will reach rocks that you need to climb in order to gain height. While there is a lot of climbing, there’s no need for using the grapple (unless you want to get the collectible hand that is located in this area). You continue using the spiral paths that lead upwards. Beware of the snakes on your path. After a while, you will reach the peak and once you jump from it, you will get the Kanda of Faith achievement.

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    Super helpful, got the trophy 1min after reading

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