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Skills in Far Cry Primal are traits that help you survive longer, fight more efficiently and have better control over beasts. You’ll need skill points to buy these abilities, but you’ll also have to unlock them. This is done by bringing new people to your settlement. This guide will show you all skills and abilities in Far Cry Primal, what they do and how much they cost.

far cry primal skills abilities
Note: This guide is a work in progress. It will be updated with more information once the game is out.

Survival Talents

This skill tree is available right from the start. It contains skills that increase your odds of surviving in the wilderness, like more health, better sneaking, faster running and improved healing abilities.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Primitive TakedownsAllows for basic takedowns???
Primitive HealHeal 1 point???
Extra Health IIGain 1 health bar???
Primitive Heal IIGain 1 health bar when healing manually, up to 3 total.3
Extra Health IVGain 1 health bar6
Hunter VisionGrants Hunter Vision for 8 seconds (for owl too)???
Primitive AgilityAllows sliding and throwing weapons???
Sprint HealHeal while sprinting???
Crouch SprintMove faster when crouched2
Sprint ForeverAllows you to sprint forever, increases sprint speed3
Primitive Stealth Allows you to throw rocks and hide bodies???
Primitive FireAllows you to light campfires and your weapons???
Extra Health IGain 1 health bar???
Health RegenerationHealth regenerates more quickly3
Quiet SprintReduces noise when walking and sprinting4

Gathering Skills

This group of abilities is tied to having Sayla around. As soon as you’ve joined up with her, you’ll unlock it. The skills inside will grant you the power to be more efficient in looting, giving you more resources when you collect plants and skin animals.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Reveal Terrrain IIncreases cone of vision, uncovers more points of interest???
Show ResourcesVillage resources are displayed on your map1
Find Rare ResourcesImproves chances of finding rare resources2
Reveal Terrain IIIncreases cone of vision even more, uncovers additional points of interest3
Show PlantsPlants are displayed on your minimap???
Find Resources IFind more wood, stone, reeds and clay when gathering1
Search TakedownAutomatically search an enemy while performing a takedown2
Find Rare PlantsImproves chances of finding rare plants2
Skinning IFind 2 more meat when skinning most animals???
Skinning IIFind 2 more animal fat and hide when skinning most animals2
Beast RevivingUse fewer red leaves to revive your beast2
Find Resources IIFind more wood, stone, reeds, clay and rock dust when gathering2

Beast Master Abilities

These abilities will help you tame beasts and improve your usage of them. They will allow you to tame new species and upgrade their abilities. It also has skills that affect your owl. You’ll first gain access to these after you’ve met Tensey.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Tame CaninesAllows taming of dholes, rare dhole, wolves, white wolves and rare stripe wolves???
Tame WildcatsAllows taming of leopards, jaguars, rare black jaguars, cave lions and rare black lions???
Tame Apex PredatorsAllows taming of sabretooth tigers and brown bears???
Tame Cunning BeastsAllows taming of cave bears and badgers???
Owl CompanionAllows you to summon the owl???
Owl: Hunter VisionAllows the owl to use hunter vision???
Owl: Weapon DropAllows owl to drop sting bombs, berserk bombs and fire bombs3
Owl: Tagging RangeIncreases range at which owl can tag enemies3
Owl: Attack IGive the owl the ability to attack???
Owl: Cooldown IDecreases owl summoning cooldown2
Owl: Attack IIIncreases damage done by owl attack3
Owl: Cooldown IIFurther decreases owl summoning cooldown3

Hunting Skills

These skills are used to improve your usage of the bow, let you craft arrows more efficiently, do more damage to animals and use your hunter vision for more stuff. Jayma is responsible for this group of talents.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Hunter Vision: SacksHunter vision reveals sacks???
Craft Arrows ICraft 2 arrows from the weapon wheel???
Craft Arrows IICraft 4 arrows from the weapon wheel2
Craft Arrows IIICraft 8 arrows from the weapon wheel4
Tag EnemiesAllos you to tag human enemies???
Reduce Fall DamageReceive less damage from falling???
Tag AnimalsAllows you to tag animals4
Animal WoundsDo more damage to animals6
Hunter Vision: PlantsHunter vision reveals plants???
Bow Sprint ReloadAllows you to reload bow while sprinting2
Bow HandlingReduces sway when aiming a bow3

Fighting Skills

Karoosh will allow you to unlock skills from this tree. They’ll improve how you handle weapons, teach you takedowns, let you ride beasts and use weapons in difficult situations.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Shard TakedownTake down several enemies at once by using shards???
Heavy TakedownAllows you to take down larger enemies???
Chain TakedownAllows you to take down multiple enemies in a sequence4
Death From AboveJump onto enemies for a brutal execution???
Mammoth RiderAllows you to ride young mammoths???
Beast RiderRide sabertooth tiger, bloodfang sabertooth and brown bear after taming them2
Club & Spear HandlingAiming sway reduced when using spears and clubs1
Weapon AgilityFaster weapon switching and aiming1
Use Weapons While Moving BodiesAllows using weapons while carrying a dead body1
Extra Health IIIAdds 1 health bar4

Crafting Abilities

Crafting skills are governed by Wogah. They will grant you more bonuses from eating food, and allow you to craft more items and weapons with less materials.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Double ClubsCraft 2 clubs from the weapon wheel2
Vicious TrapsYour traps do more damage1
Precision SlingHead shots with the sling will pierce enemy headgear2
Double SpearsCraft 2 spears from the weapon wheel3
Food Boosts IIncreases duration of food boosts???
Double Sting BombsCraft 2 sting bombs instead of one2
Double TrapsCraft 2 traps from the weapon wheel2
Double ShardsCraft 2 shards from the weapon wheel3
Double BaitCraft 2 bait instead of one???
Food Boosts IIIncreases duration of food boosts even more1
Food Boosts III Increases food bonus duration to the maximum2

Udam Skills

The Udam skill tree is unlocked once you bring Dah to your village. Some of them will require that you build him a hut. They’ll improve your damage resistance and let you survive a little longer in combat.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Melee Resistance IReceive less damage from melee attacks2
Double Berserk BombCraft 2 berserk bombs instead of one2
Melee Resistance IIReceive even less damage from melee attacks4
Primitive Heal IIIHeal 1 point when manually healing, up to 3 total4

Izila Skills

The Izila abilities will be unlocked once you’ve brought Roshani to your encampment and built her a house. They revolve around fire – its usage and the protection against it.

NameDescriptionSkill Point Cost
Fire ResistanceTake less damage from fire2
Double Fire BombsCraft 2 fire bombs instead of one3
Fire TakedownUse firebombs to perform a takedown3
Fire Master IYou can light weapons on fire without animal fat6
Fire Master IIWhen you set a weapon on fire, all others will automatically be on fire too4
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