Far Cry Primal Legend of The Mammoth Trailer Released

Ubisoft have published a new trailer for Far Cry Primal. It shows off the missions in the Legend of The Mammoth DLC, which is currently a preorder bonus for everyone who buys the game ahead of release.

There will be three missions in the pack, which you’ll start by drinking a concoction your shaman brews (lots of blood involved, of course).
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This will transport you into the body of a wooly mammoth, allowing you to play as the majestic beast. The first mission will include fighting a demonic rhino, the second freeing an old member of your pack from the Udam, while the third will be all out war – your pack against the cannibalistic tribe.

The DLC is currently only available if you preorder the game, but that is bound to change once it’s out. Far Cry Primal is expected to launch on February 23rd on consoles, while PC gamers will have to wait until March 1st.

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