FIFA 23 Best Camera Settings

The best camera settings in FIFA 23 vary depending on the situation and your personal preferences. That said, there are some settings that we believe better than others. They let you monitor the situation out there on the field, and minimize the odds of making some terrible mistake that will cost you the game. So, let’s jump in.

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fifa 23 best camera settings
FIFA 23 Best Camera Settings

Best Camera Settings for FIFA 23

The best camera settings for FIFA 23 depend on what you’re playing. If you’re just in a casual game, whether it’s single player or multiplayer, the best option is probably the co-op camera angle. Ideally, you’ll also want to set the camera height to 20 and the camera zoom to 0. This will give you a great overview of the whole pitch. Alternatively, you can go with the Tele-Broadcast option. You’ll want the zoom at 0 here, too (unless you prefer to have it closer), but the camera height should be somewhere around 17. If you’re in a competitive match, go with Tele-Broadcast at zoom 0 and and height 10 (or possibly up to a maximum of 17). Your second option is Co-Op at the height of 17 and still 0 zoom.

So, those are the best FIFA 23 camera settings for different situations. Of course, you’re free to play around with the settings and different angles to find what works best for you. Big props to FP Good Game for figuring these settings out. Speaking of settings, here’s how to get to the camera options. All you need to do is pause the game and go into Settings. Tab over to the Camera section, and that’s where you’ll find everything you need. There are a lot of different things you can play around with. However, it’s best to opt for whatever gives you a wide view of the pitch, ideally including the edges. That said, if you want to share what your favorite camera angles are, you can do so in the comments.

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