FIFA 23 Can’t Validate EA Play Subscriptions Fix

FIFA 23 has been released in Early Access, with a full release right around the corner. And while bugs are nothing new to the FIFA franchise, there is one particular issue that is causing trouble for many players. Namely, when players try to begin their 10 hour Early Access Trial, they instead get the following message: “In order to access online features for this title you must be signed in to Xbox Network and you must be signed in to the EA Server”. This is then followed by: “There was a problem validating your EA play subscription status, please try again.” So what’s this problem about, and is there anything you can do to fix the Can’t Validate EA Play Subscriptions problem in FIFA 23? Luckily, there is, and we have the fix right here.

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FIFA 23 Can’t Validate EA Play Subscriptions Fix
FIFA 23 Can’t Validate EA Play Subscriptions Fix

There Was a Problem Validating Your EA Play Subscription FIFA 23

Currently, it seems like this issue is affecting primarily Xbox players, though this problem could be present on other gaming platforms as well. In any case, here’s how to resolve this. First, press Start on FIFA 23. From there, go to “Manage game and add ons.” Then, to Saved Data. What you need to do here is to delete your Profile One with the “from everywhere” option. After that, select the “Clear reserved space” option. This is the solution that has helped the most players, and it is currently the only real available solution for this problem.

If this doesn’t help you solve the “Can’t Validate EA Play Subscriptions” problem, you could try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. It’s also a good idea to visit and read through this forum post, as players from all around the world are sharing their tips on how to resolve it. And if nothing else works, the only solution is to wait until EA have solved this on their end.

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