FIFA 23 Hard Slide Tackle, Complete with Mbappe

Not sure how to complete a tackle with Mbappe for the “Training with AS Monaco #2” challenge in FIFA 23? FIFA 23 has finally arrived, and among many new features, it also introduces quite a few new moves. One such new gameplay feature is the new power tackle – the Hard Slide Tackle. In our guide, we explain how to perform a slide tackle in FIFA 23 and how to finish the “Complete a Tackle with Mbappe” challenge in FUT MOMENTS.

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How to Hard Slide Tackle in FIFA 23, Complete a Tackle with Mbappe FUT MOMENTS
Complete a tackle with Mbappe challenge for Training with AS Monaco #2 in FIFA 23 FUT MOMENTS.

How to Hard Slide Tackle in FIFA 23

Before we jump to the specific challenge with Mbappe, let’s first see how to do a “Hard Slide” Tackle in FIFA 23. This kind of move is “a new sliding tackle type that is intended for more urgent situations where you want to dispossess the attacker but not necessarily try to keep the ball in play,” EA explains. In order to perform this move with a PlayStation controller (DualSense or DualShock 4), you simply need to press the combination of R1 + Square buttons when controlling a defender. On the other side, on an Xbox controller press RB + X when controlling a defender to do the “Hard Slide Tackle” move.

Complete a Tackle with Mbappe FIFA 23

Getting a tackle with Mbappe in FIFA 23 FUT MOMENTS challenges shouldn’t be particularly hard. Still, some players report that some challenges are bugged and won’t register. If you are struggling with completing this challenge, here’s what do to. The easiest way to do it is to use Mbappe to foul an AI player. The challenge will count your Slide Tackle even if you foul the AI while performing it. Just make sure to do it from the front. Lest Mbappe will get a red card if you foul them from the back with a “Hard Slide Tackle” move. If you fail to make a tackle during a match, simply restart that FUT MOMENT and try again. You will not get any penalties for doing so.

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