FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives Solutions

History Mystery Lesson is a series of objectives in FIFA 23 that are meant to test not just your skills as a player, but also how well you know the history of this sport. It consists of six objectives: The Blow of Maracana, Hometown Shocker, Pinturicchio, A 1950 Miracle of Grass, The Heat Battle of Lausanne, and Somersault. Each of these is going to give you a vague description of the event in question, and you will then need to recreate it in the game. To save you the time you would have needed to spend to figure out exactly what you need to do for each of these, here are the solutions for all of the FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives.

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FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives Solutions
FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives Solutions

How to Complete History Mystery Lesson Objectives

Let’s start with The Blow of Maracana: “An international game that broke an all-time record that still holds to this day. Reenact the match.” This refers to the events of the 1950 World Cup finals between Uraguay and Brazil. Uruguay defeated Brazil 2-1. To complete this, you need to score two goals while playing as Uruguay in any game mode. Next, Hometown Shocker: “The host nation was eliminated with an unexpected final score leaving the world stunned. Recreate this match!” The match in question was when host Brazil suffered a crushing 7-1 defeat from Germany. To complete this, score seven goals in a single match.

Pinturicchio: “This last-minute finesse goal ensured victory against the host nation and guaranteed a spot in the final of the world’s biggest tournament. Recreate the final goal of that match!” Inspired by Alessandro Del Piero’s goal against Germany in 2006, you need to score a finesse shot with an Italian player to complete this. A 1950 Miracle of Grass: “Who doesn’t like an underdog story? Relive it!” USA unexpectedly defeated England in 1950. What you need to do here is to score a point with an American player.

The Heat Battle of Lausanne: “A match with 12 goals and extreme conditions of 104 degrees Fahrenheit with an exciting performance shared by two players, one from each team. What did the two players have in common?” A reference to a truly legendary match between Austria and Switzerland that ended 7-5. One of the players on each side scored a hat trick. To complete it, you have to score a hat trick with an Austrian and a Switzerland player in the same match.

Finally, Somersault: “This player has scored in every international world tournament he has played in from 2002 to 2014, and he is one of only four players to do so. Recreate his journey.” The player in question is none other than Miroslav Klose. To achieve this objective, you have to score a goal with a German player in four different matches.

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